Watch Zim Hip-hop ‘s Own Animated Video – The City by Mcpotar

The City is a song about a young man who is trying to get by in the concrete jungles of urban Zimbabwe. The song kicks off with the hook, which emphasizes the number one priority being to make money in the city above all. There is scenery of buildings and a close sketch of Joina City which symbolizes that he is speaking of Harare.

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In the song he requests more hours in the day to make ends meet. He also mentions that he doesn’t want the law in his way as he is about to crack deals in Lagos (Nigeria). In the video this scene is depicted by a meeting where a brief case pops open with money and dollar signs. The song further explains that the artiste is widening his financial wisdom and trying to rise amidst obstacles.

The last look is done by Ivy Chawabvunza and she is animated in 2 scenes. A close up and a distant background where she is in a pink dress. Music production was don by The Mitmen Music (Rayo, Russy, Youngnags) and the animation to the video done by Mcpotar himself.

How The Video Came About

I needed something unique to give to Zim Hip-hop. In 2013 I did the animation to My Struggle which was produced by Xndr but then it didn’t get as much traction as my videos later in the industry. I was still learning a lot of things on animation and promotion and I had less than 300 likes on Facebook, 100 followers on twitter.

The environment is different now because since that time I managed to become a voice in many areas especially blogging and I saw Wher I Belong, Popota and That’s All and Zaangoma get more reception because of the large following I now command as compared to 3 years ago. I now have 5,200 followers, close to 3000 likes and not forgetting 3,700 Facebook friends who actively participate in my art.

I can’t re-release My Struggle but I can drop The City.

The City was recorded and the team wanted a January drop but I had other plans. In fact my album, in which it will be contained is only coming out in 2017. What the past years taught me about music is that you have to make sure you understand your markets.

I hope people will love this one.

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