Watch This Eye Catching Video From Venge Music – Tyoki (@VengeMuzik)

Venge barely disappoints when it comes to the work he puts on the mic-stretch. The nappyheaded emcee weeks ago decided to drop the anticipated Tyoki video on Youtube which is eye catching to say the least.

The video was produced by Ells Pics Studios & Black Phantom Films with a minimalistic white background concept. Grayscale colouring, beautiful girls,owls, smoke and what have you.

The song is a braggadocio concept about how he stays winning with his team amidst the hatred he receives. Venge says his haters are only justified to hate on him based on that he keeps winning at ease whilst they struggle to do the same. “Tyoki” basically is a word thatmeans that something is laid back and effortless.

Lyrics in “Tyoki” also take multiple jabs at backstabbing snakes, with him saying he wonders if there will be real friends to bury him when he dies. However he still endorses that he has been ridin’ round with his hommies in Jaguars, sipping J.C Le Roux and getting women.

The basic message is that he pays no mind to any naysay.

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