Watch T1 Wema1’s Mangwana Official Hip-hop Video (@ma1atanga)

Off his debut album #Inzwa, Mangwana is a ghetto conscious track about how different people struggle to get by but T1 sends a message there is hope for them. In the video various scenes are shown such as the economy of Dzivarasekwa in Harare, vendors and commuter omnibus operators, the kids and the dusty streets.

No special effects because Chris Shoca (producer of Myke Pimps Saviour and Hararae Hairarwe video) is depicting the real. We can also see Ishy X and Zim Liz Girl in this video. She is dressed decently and she represents the part which was originally sung by a Tanya. I am not sure why Tanya did not make it to the video but it worked out fine.

Finally the song ends with T1 Wema1 carrying a young boy whom I assume may be his son.



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