Vito x Take Fizzo Be Me – Official Review (@takefizzo)

Even after a long sabbatical from the public domain, Vito, a former Trinity member still has it in him. Not may living legends manage to bounce back after their prime but in Be Me, Vito offers us a stellar vocal contribution to announce that he is still in the business.

You may remember the famous song Jesa done by Trinity or a song which had the words , “Nditore tiende uko ka, kunemafaro”. That’s Vito… amazing vocalist. Humble brother but gifted. He has always been R’n’B but had to survive through the time every  urban sound was tagged under urban grooves. Did I mention that he also spits bars and freestyles better than 80% of new rappers?

2016 is looking like a year when the big guns come back to shake the industry. It’s rumoured that mUnetsi is working on new material as well that ypou’ve not heard before and of course Jnr Brown has already caused earthquakes since We Run It.

Take Fizzo handles the production on this one and well, the streets say he is “back”. Musically he’s been available, but the streets are really talking in terms of spirituality. Take Fizzo professed Christianity on Zimbojam and this site about a year ago and the last time I met him he was really into sharing on the Bible and such but ‘streets” say that’s changed.  Well, we all have those ups and downs I guess but the man still has it production wise. He has not at all lost his touch on the music.

Regarding his faith, we are not to be the judges of that but I hope he knows what he is doing.

Back to the music, Be Me was a very emotional project and Vito either sang from the heart or he’s just a good musician. Whichever way he did it, it’s something relate-able for people who have been through twists and turns in relationships or had their partners try to change them (for “good” or “bad”).

I love the song and you may stream it below.

Cutty Beats also created a lyric video to it which you can access below.

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