Using Your Milestones As Ladders In The Music Business

In this article I will be emphasizing why and revealing how you can maintain a desired status or elevate further by applying simple knowledge I will give away.

We have seen celebrities and other hot brands come and go. Whoever thought Nokia’s share-of-market for example would be infiltrated by Samsung and shaken ultimately by the introduction of the Android operating system? I practically saw artistes I saluted like Ja Rule, Sisqo and DMX go from world domination to oblivion. Some say every artiste, brand or celebrity must face that fate one day. We call  this the fifteen minutes of fame. In contrast however I have seen certain brands either elevate or maintain for more than the so called 15 minutes.

How do they manage to do so?

Certainly Jay-Z has been trending since 1996, when he made his debut album Reasonable Doubt and every year since he has been headlining in the news. He recently bought a music streaming service called Tidal, has several awards to his name, a club, ravishingly beautiful wife and a record label among other things. No matter what conspiracy theories are spread about the possibility of him being in secret societies, we cannot deny that the man has applied some career sustaining strategies. In fact I think instead of naysayers hating on his success by demonizing his figure, they should rather figure how he is maintaining show figures.

So now that we have proof that a brand can indeed break the 15 minute rule and maintain for days, we need to dive into the common traits and habits of people that keep up in the long haul. To make this easier for you I have classified my ideas under subheadings. Note that there could be more than what I present but this will certainly give you a framework to begin with.

Celebrate Milestones & Move On

There is a tendency for humans to dwell on past accolades. An artiste who last was in the Newsday in 2013 is probably still talking about it and assuming people should remember. Well people forget easily and move on, so should he. The achiever who perpetuates his success always gets back to work so that they can be newsworthy further down the timeline or even accomplish greater things than an article feature in the press.

If we use the Jay-Z case; Imagine if he had relaxed and said, “I got it made,” after his first spin on mainstream radio or perhaps after selling a million albums. See many men sold platinum albums in those days but are nowhere near his empire. A lot of them were evicted from the suburbs after their Hollywood minutes where over and went back to the projects. Several Big Brother contestants celebrated that opportunity too long but are now forgotten. Pokello used that as an opportunity to brand herself as a female fashion entrepreneur.

Jay-Z’s song titled On To The Next expresses this paradigm clearly. He makes moves and moves on.

Don’t celebrate for too long. In fact use those milestones to get the next one, whether it’s a promotion at work, salary increase or dinner with the Kardashians.

Have A Long Term Perspective

You cannot have a long term career with a short time perspective. There is a difference between brands or people with a long term perspective and those with a short one. We know Jesus Christ had a long term perspective, which is why he built a strong team to carry forward his evangel. He mentored them and did mostly things that would have an effect on the future. This applies whether you believe in Christianity or not.

He had no bank account or any of that but fast forward 2015 years later he is the most relevant figure, and his ideas have brought immeasurable value to man-kind. Your strategy must always have continuity.

50 Cent, with the first $4 million he made used a large chunk of it to establish a brand known as G-Unit, which would later branch out into clothing, sport, beverages, a record label, headphones and real estate among other things I have omitted.

Turn Moves To Ladders

Metaphorically,  a dude for instance should go from:

Getting her attention > Getting her number > Scoring a date > Scoring more dates > Having a relationship > Engagement > Marriage > Maybe Build A Family > Off-spring carries his ideas on

With each of the steps in my analogy you will realize that each step comes with rise in his relevance to the object of his affection. Getting her attention is the first 15 minutes of fame and marriage is analogous to what Hon. Deputy Minister Supa Madiwanzira is to the public today; historically relevant. Many that started work at the same rank as he at ZBC sunk into oblivion but today he owns a major portion of ZiFM, a media company, has interviewed the president and is a the current deputy minister of Information. I like what Misred is doing with her involvement in the fashion industry, entertainment and even this website. Samantha is sowing that radio-presenter seed of relevance and watering it to bring greater fruit. She knows that her greatness can go further than a prestigious job at one of the most powerful stations in Zimbabwe.

She can get Misred to get her before opportunities in places she’d have otherwise been overlooked as Samantha Mussa. The Biblical parable of the talents illustrates this idea best. Each move you make is like a talent; a currency that can be re-invested into other moves.

Are you still celebrating past achievement? – Get over it and go up the ladder. The Shona people say, “Matakadya kare hanyaradzi mwana.” (Translation: What you fed your baby yesterday will not stop her hunger today.)

Build A Team

Almost everyone I’ve known to make ground-breaking victories works with a support team of some sort. A hundred metre race can be run by a singular person but a marathon is best taken in groups. I may seem like an individual, but there is a team that looks over matters I am incapable of.

Ernest Mackina does my professional photographs, Leroy Dzenga helps me with press releases, Dir. Quence does my videos and Vernon Kathemba distributes my music across borders. Build a team and delegate.

Jesus Christ had a team, the disciples.

If you listen closely to most award acceptance speeches there is almost always a group of people mentioned who are not as present in the public eye as the winner. In some instances, winners go on to claim that their crew are the unsung heroes of that project. Considering that I have given many acceptance speeches for my writing (most recently ZHH Awards 2014 *smiles*) I can confirm that statements that salute the team are not made out of humility. They are truth.

In reality your team and support systems allow you to maintain.

In Conclusion

Apply all these ideas and get rid of mediocrity, to stay winning.  Please give this write up continuity by sharing it through any online communities you have access to. Also link up with me on twitter to extend the conversation.

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