Using Facebook and Twitter To Increase Web Traffic To Your Music Downloads Page

Using Facebook and Twitter To Increase Web Traffic To Your Music Downloads PageYou’ve been probably wondering how to increase plays and downloads on your Hulkshare, reverbnation, soundcloud or personal blog.  I am talking about real plays and downloads, not refreshing your own pages to create an illusion of download counts when no one really has your music. It is a shame some have figured out the practice on Youtube and have been using it generate fake views on the same IP Address.

However today I will give you tips you can expand on yourself that can help you accumulate more downloads which I have tried on certain porojects, but let me emphasize that the virality of the methods is dependent on the product itself being good and these are not quick fix methods.

Know Your Target Market

The most unsuccessful musicians claim to target “everyone”. Now if you are in Zimbabwean Hip-hop please ignore that part of the dictionary and look for the word niche.  If you don’t know who your market is, it’s likely that they too have no idea who you are. I put this deliberately as the first rule because most artist are trying to post their links in a group about Farmers, well some Farmers may love Hip-hop, but I think it would be more appropriate to post that in a Hip-hop Forum. Someone who visits a group on farming is not looking for little mp3’s to download, he is looking for farming tips.


Now if you KNOW your target, it entails knowing what’s relatable to them, the slang they use and what they go through. It entails knowing how and when they access the internet. Yes the timing is important.  If you drop your song on a Saturday to an audience that usually downloads songs through internet connection at work, you are going to get less first day downloads than you deserved.  Ask yourself which social networks they use abut make use of all social networks.


Have useful friends on Social Media

Now still continuing in the  “Know Your Target Market” let me introduce to you a tip which is never talked about.  “Have useful friends on Social Media”.  I know when everyone got on Facebook they added, classmates and people they knew from church. Now these people may have other interests and music tastes and are only your Facebook friend because you learnt with them. This is why they ignore your page invite and type HBD on your wall when Facebook tells it’s your birthday #ShuwaShuwa. They basically do not like your genre of music and they constitute 80% of your friends meaning you’re left with 20% of people that might care.


Consider requesting people from groups that already have something to do with your type of music. Request those who actively participate, they obviously participate because they like that type of thing.  Once you add them as your friend, they are now exposed to your posts and propaganda. You can also invite them to your page a week later.  Since they already resonate with what you love, they will naturally relate to your post, like, share and comment on them, thereby increasing your edgerank and reach. Build social capital with these people, help them with their agenda and they will help you with yours. Once you’ve chosen the path of being an artist, don’t be in the habit of unfriending and blocking people over silly issues. Also don’t brag about ignoring friend requests from people you don’t know, because people you don’t know you may know you because of your music. Now when you ignore their friend requests while they are trying to know you better, they may give up on ever finding your music.

Understand the Meaning Of Social Network

A social network is not an advert space at the back of a newspaper. It is a social network. People are primarily there to interact. When I hop onto Facebook , I’m not saying, “Oh let me go to that download site,”. I am looking for conversations to engage in and also looking to share my thoughts, so a link in my inbox from a person who never says hi, is unwelcome and will be ignored. That person has not built social capital, they don’t comment on my statuses. They don’t reply my comments on theirs. Totally unwelcome.


They are like that one friend that only calls you when they need hel;p. Buid social capital people. After adding all those potential fans of your music from groups, be nice to them. Share their statuses, comment on their stuff. Inbox them over non promotional stuff. The regular mistake is that indies  start  making conversation when they are about to ask for a favour.




“How’s work and everything.”


‘Can I ask for a favour…”


Quit this habit. Understand what a social network is and move accordingly.


 Post Relevant Stuff Via Your Page

Be like Zimba Nice; let your page be the go to page for relevant information that may be of interest to that target market of yours that you have been studying. I assume at this stage you know what they like. You know things they comment on and share. In fact if you’re having a hard time figuring what they share, just go on each of their walls and find out what they last shared. Monitor which posts they last commented on. Create your posts according to that with a little innovation. An example is that most people that like my stuff, like funny MEMES. So I downloaded an Android App for making my own MEMES which I consistently load with my provokatif jokes.


Now Share The Links

Now that you have created a machine, use it. Share your links, at the right times, with the right words, in the right groups. Give your press releases to the right blogs and give them enough details to craft a good article that make your potential fan base identify and follow you as soon as they read it. Use good attractive images. To measure how maqny people saw the link use your Facebook page to post.


You can upload an image in your page (as your page) and put the link in the description as a call to action. Tag people that have many friends and their friends will see that post. (you can only tag people while using the page as your profile). Reply the comments as they come in and engage under them.


Bloggers are quite easy to find, on twitter they usually have their blog somewhere in their address and people who love #Zimhiphop have used the hash tag at one time, so they are easy to find and follow. It’s really that simple. Forget #TeamFollowBack people that have nothing to do with your music. What is 1000 followers when 7 follow your link? What’s 2000 likes when it says 1 person is talking about this?


If you found these tips useful and would like to get more tips that work for independent artists in Africa. Like my Facebook Page: Mcpotar  and follow me on Twitter : @mcpotar.  I always have something interesting if you follow my hashtag #Raptalk.

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