Umthombo iConnect Joins Fight Against Cancer in new Podcast (@Umthombo_Icon)

Umthombo iConnect, is an initiative that seeks to bring to the discussion “borrowed experiences” and will from time to time be podcasting on different issues. Some of them related to health, social life, science, academics or family.

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They this October released a podcast with an enactment on Breast Cancer awareness. The script was well written, I believe the voice actors will grow with time and sound more and more effortless. Overally I can say I love the concept. I managed to pick out Navy Seal’s voice and the podcast was sent to me by @DearAngelBert from twitter, he is a part of this initiative, also promising us something on Gender violence in November. You can also forllow @Umthombo_Icon for more information on what they do.

The beautiful Varaidzo voice was done by, @feistyfavoured. She had quite a few jesters in her act and played it well. Thembie who was role played by @GuguMasha‘ s role made the whole issue seem brighter. Navy Seal produced the podcast and acted as Dr. Zamai and the director was @la_dew.

Background music was by Mbira Instruments wit @TheBoyAsaph (Zim Hip-hop Saviour) in the outro. Of course the team is made complete by @ZuluCowboy who made the artwork. Very beautiful piece of content I love it. Breast Cancer is a real issue, I’ll reveal that my Mother had an operation in 2008 and she is still alive. My sister recently had early detection of a lump and I appreciate these awareness things because most times they only start to matter to most people when they happen from upclose.


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