Two-Sik – Glory (Album Download) @Two_Sik_

Yeah so this brand new artiste known as Two Sik decided to compile an anthology of his thoughts in audio, hoping you would relate. He has compiled a 12 track album titled glory for Hip-hop listeners to download for free, but the effort put on this is priceless.

The Glory cover art has Two Sik dressed in white vest and looking to the sky with his fingers shaped in a triangular format. White usually represents a new path, and a vest is consistent with men who are confident about their masculinity. The background is golden, probably a symbol of the wealth of information to be shared in his album, where he expresses his faith in some of the tracks though it is not entirely what one would call a gospel offering. The title track Glory however expressed his Christain faith and given the other clues I have  mentioned in the paragraph it is my own assumption that the artiste has been on a new path and identifies God as a the one power. His body language in the artwork says this. His music further tell s it.

00. Glory_Cover

In the album look out for songs such as, Realness, Long Trip and Memories among others. He adds more substance to the Zimbabwean underground but on the constructive I would like him to keep strengthening his lyricism and flows. He is indeed industry level but i can sense that he can do more and develop a harder album than this. As a practitioner of rap I too am out there developing my delivery skills and lyrics so I know as an emcee he will apprecate what i am speaking about. 

Please Download his free offering below.


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