Twitter Poll Results Say Jnr Brown Still Runs It

About a week and some days ago Jnr Brown made a big come back by dropping an alleged Cal_Vin  diss. The song was also supposedly said to have assaulted Noble Stylz and Tehn Diamond though Kuda Musasiwa came to Jnr Brown’s rescue and said that Noble had not been shot at. Well some thinkers thought it was mis-direction.

Jnr Brown vs Cal_Vin - Small
Junior Brown Vs Cal_Vin Satire


I will be killed by Jnr Brown enthusiasts for this cartoon… my tombstone is ready. 

Jnr Brown’s real target had been Bulawayo rapper Cal_Vin but it would have caused commotion to say the word Bulawayo because well my City (Bulawayo) will always take that chance to turn it to a tribal war when it isn’t. It was a safer option to mention Masvingo, but what they hadn’t realized was it would implicate Noble as the victim I guess.

So well, 2 disses were dropped in response. Jungle repped Masvingo and Cal_Vin repped himself. Word has it that Jungle Kid’s Tochimhanya out-did the two oter disses. He welnt all in with his syllable and accused Jnr Brown of being used by uptown Harare as a machine for hits. Jungle went on to attack Begotten Sun , whom he said allowed Masvingo to be disrespected. I don’t think that went well with the man though he didn’t comment on it.

Anyway, to avoid giving my personal opinion on who did better I took it to a twitter poll. That way you wouldn’t attack me and say “Mcpotar is taking sides,” which I do very well. I take sides because I’m a human being. However I have to be objective here and let the masses speak.
Final Votes

Jnr Brown won the twitter poll and based on that rating I will say he still runs it. Most blogs that think otherwise base their assumptions on the blogger himself and not really popular opinion.

It is natural for upcoming rappers to have Cal_Vin’s back because of common struggle, but the statistics here prove that those who have his back either didn’t vote or are a minority.

Was It Fair To Put The Poll On Twitter

Since facebook doesn’t have a poll function except in groups, it was only logical to hold the poll on twitter where no one could vote twice given that both artistes are active on twitter. In fact Cal_vin has more tweets than Jnr Brown. Cal_Vin has made over 19,700 tweets against Jnr Brown’s close to 3000 tweets. However Jnr Brown happens to have a greater following on twitter 10, 400 vs 3,400 from Cal_Vin.

His network is also made larger by the people who manage his releases, @atenno, @begottensun and @zezururockstar who have gained a lot of social capital. I will say both artistes have equal chances of building such networks and playing smart.

All in all this has brought attention to both of them. It has also given me an opportunity to make satire about something bigger than my blog.

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