Turn Total Strangers To Fans Of Your Music

One of the biggest struggles when you are an independent artiste anywhere in the world is to be able to get a fanbase or a good following. 2000 plays on a released single may be flattering but the question again becomes, “Did they feel like playing the song again?”… “Did they go on to follow, retweet or like your page.” I mean 400 plays with returning individuals is more qualitative than 2000 unique (hit and run) plays.

In an internet where simply landing on the page of a track registers a play, it is absolutely premature to celebrate plays and downloads when you have not measured the actions taken after the download. So what 3,000 people downloaded your mixtape, but did they keep it afterwards or did they throw it to recycle bin?  You need to make sure that your project is ready to give value to your fans that makes them keep the project, regardless what the content is.

Selling products is all about your value proposition. Does your music bring the intended value? If it’s a club song, did it manage to make anybody dance? If it’s a gospel song does it bring the listener closer to God or does it make them question the very seriousness of the religion you represent? Without seeing the value that you carry, people are not willing to pay attention to you in a room of many other rising artistes. There are so many options and all these guys are quite good.

Now value does not only begin and end in your music. Your social media accounts are a good place of raising your fan equity through well calculated updates that are non promotional but keep them engaged and help them get by. People buy things motivated by the 2-R’s which are recommendations and relationships. When a friend recommends something, you try it out because you have a relationship. Therefore build a community with your people, add value to them without always asking them to check out your reverbnation or like your page. They should do that without being told after seeing that they may be missing out on more value.

Identify the key issues your target market cares about even that have nothing to do with music. Give your take on those issues in a well researched and leadership like manner and very soon they will love what you do emotionally. In general be an opinion leader of causes they care about, which means you may have to research that area ahead of them. Subscribe to blogs that notify of current innovations or ideas in that field. The next time you have a song to push they will certainly push it without you asking them to. Yes they will share it and even put your cover art on their profile because they are returning the value you have invested in them.

They become your ambassadors and defend you when negative is said about you. They will recommend you and in case recommendation feels like a big word here. A Retweet or share is a type of recommendation and those with a relationship with whoever shared will click those links and discover the value you have to offer. Your first 20 fans will get you the next 20 who will get you the next 20.

It’s your choice. How much brainstorming do you want to dedicate to be able to think of how best you can give out the value you have locked inside you? How many hours a day are you willing to sit down and perfect your skill, your content and your social media engagement. If you have a page that is doing poorly, people are simply not liking it because there is no benefit of liking a page that only posts soundcloud links all day or reposts everything you say on twitter. Disconnect that app that posts tweets to your page in fact, it is clumsy. Facebook downplays posts made by other apps anyway, they hate automation unless it is done within Facebook itself.

Get Music Fans EasilyStart posting consistently well calculated and pre-planned updates that fulfil the needs of your audience without going against the image of what your page is about. If you make love songs, why not give relationship tips. If you sing conscious music, why not bring up historical facts as updates for your fans who obviously should like history and knowledge. A little humour is allowed and so forth.

Of all fan collection platforms however, I recommend email lists over likes mainly because it has been proven that people often open what is sent to them by email and also because Social Media algorithms are making it harder for one to reach even the many fans they would have accumulated.

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