Trivv Eli (@Trivveli)- ft Navy Seal- Over-rated- Addresses Foul Play And Over Hype In Hip-hop

Trivv Eli dropped a new hip-hop song which features Navy Seal  entitled Over-rated. The song touches on how the industry has overrated a lot of individuals in a “suck-up” kind of fashion. Both emcees really had their bars going on. The song has been trending on twitter under the tag #khanyimbau and  Sliqour gave a mention to the song on his blog, mentioned both Trivv Eli and Navy Seal.In my opinion that’s progress. Let’s talk about these lyrics and what they mean. get the song here

Trivv Eli:

“You always in the lights but you never seize the moment/

The rap is on your hands why you busy picking opponents?/

Karma is a beast but we all chasing the moments/”….


Trivv Eli here seems to be addressing, rappers that already have the limelight and attacking them for not making use of their 15minutes of fame wisely. The last line in my quote however is definitely saluting, Karma, a young hip-hop guy who did a project known as Chasing Moments, which is rocking playlists of those who like real hip-hop.


He also goes on to accuse the radio of nepotism, but uses it in a braggadocio type of line where he say he is connected to the boss instead. The message however still manages to make it. In the rest of his verse he also mentions how most rappers are still dependants despite them chasing fame and talking about the hustle. His delivery is quite okay, he floated with the beat. The hook is nothing complicated, it’s quite easy to catch what it is saying.


“You friends with the DJ so your music getting played/

I’m friends with the boss so I’m always getting paid/”

Navy Seal on the other hand addresses how people have been sucking up a lot in the industry. He threatens to lock away rappers that are producing wack raps and throw the keys away. He mentions Syncity as the last real project he heard from Zimhip-hop. Syncity was a 2012 project by Synik, produced by Begotten Sun and FTR. So ultimately this song has only given credit to Karma’s Chasing Moments and Syncity. I’m supposing they are only talking in terms of English only projects. In my view there are Shona albums that did well, but definitely their message has a portion of reality.


The beat is definitely very dope. Much respect to Trivv Eli, s/o to Navy Seal for featuring on a real track. We are looking forward to more tracks.

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