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It’s time for Zim Hip-hop to accept Stunner. Zim Hip-hop is has a wide range of rappers and hip-hop heads (From Outspoken to Stunner… to Schingy), some of whom would like to believe that their quality of Hip-hop is realer than other people’s hip-hop. There is is an inner battle between the mainstream and underground and then between vernacular (Shona/Ndebele/ <insert language her>) rappers. Some would like to believe that all hip-hop music spat in Shona should be called urban grooves.

My View On Urban Grooves vs Zim Hip-hop

In my opinion urban grooves is more a classification rather than an actual genre. In the era when Prof. Jonathan Moyo made the 75% local content bill, RnB, Dancehall, Hip-hop and any urban genres were collectively put under a category called urban grooves. I have proof of this because even at award shows Maskiri would be nominated with Ngoni, regardless that their genres are obviously different. That would never have been urban grooves. Of course the Sanii Makhalima’s still fight for the propagation of that term but to the rest of us that term is a diss to Zim Hip hop. That said, let’s accept Stunner as a Zim Hip-hop artiste.

Stunner Tazoita CashOh, I’ve also argued with some of you about Noble Stylz been a part of this. See the thing is, when you deny Stunner, Maskiri and Noble Stylz their Zim Hip-hop status based on the language and instrumentation then you are saying Hip-hop is confined to American instrumentation and American Accents. So when you hear Navy Seal, Tehn Diamond and Karma, who have also done exceptionally in their craft you applaud them for representing true Hip-hop. What you are saying is that your native culture or language can never be Hip-hop and you do not see that by so doing you are expressing a lot of self hatred on your own people. If you ask me, though Navy Seal is my Day 1 brother. Noble Stylz lyrics are closer to home and therefore shape and define Zim Hip-hop.

Yes Synik brings reality that we live in Zimbabwe. It is totally okay for rappers to sound like they are from Chicago, but it doesnot make those who evidently sound like Zimbabweans lesser emcees. I’ve heard interesting characters in post-independent Zimbabwe applauding rappers on the basis of “not sounding Zimbabwean”. That is an absolutely stupid criterion of judging an emcee. Even Nas (who is American) would feel sorry for such a brother. How can we look down upon our native culture and language like that? As if we will ever be those people. No, we are our own people as much as we respect their culture. We may have borrowed habits from them but never be fooled by the mainstream that they didn’t borrow more from us.

Well I’m not about to give a History lecture but certainly Stunner has represented Zim Hip-hop more than many in this country, from Dallas Tours, Afrimma Nominations and kicking at high profile events. Even surviving negative publicity. That man deserves to be listed in Zim Hip-hop. I know the guy is awfully narcissistic and acts like the world revolves around him. Well he has pretty ladies no doubt and a good portfolio. He follows no one but himself on twitter (making the bulk of his followers groopies?).

I don’t know, he is very unlike-able but to strip Stunner of his contribution to Zim hip-hop based on that alone should be a criminal offense. Also, before some readers conclude I am a fan of Stunner. No I am not a fan of Stunner either but i respect his hustle and my non-fan status has nothing to do with hating on him, or trying to keep him away from Zim Hip-hop. I have music I listen to, but I appreciate good local hip-hop.  I believe it’s time for Zim hip-hop to accept Stunner.

Do You Think It’s Time To Accept Stunner?

What do you think about my opinion. Does it hold truth, if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below and share the article for further discusssion.

Vote For Stunner  at The 2015 Afrimma Awards Via This Link

He is under the category of Best Male Southern Africa

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