Ti Gonzi Drops Mad Bars At Star FM

Ti Gonzi has been on the local hip-hop scene for about a minute and a half. Under-rated by by most, it was hard for him to break out in the mainstream but through persistence  he has managed to make a household name for himself with his popular single zvenyu having stayed on the charts for over 6 weeks. He is getting show bookings and interviews.

Recently Nikki interviewed him on his projects on Star FM. She was enjoying the whole freestyle genuinely as you will see in the video. Power to Ti Gonzi!!!

Ti Gonzi is known to spit in Shona. He changed his name from TGonz, because he says he now likes to “Shonarize” English words to fit into his brand. “Hipu-hopu yekuGhetto” “Ti Gonzi Imwembeu”… those taglines are what he runs by on the street. Zvenyu is really a song about an individual who admires the good life and achievements lived by others. The song features Baller Mandizha who moved to USA recently.

The “Zvenyu” track began as a concept he freestyled from the Top of The Dome at Tash Mwana WaMai’s Studio Felonies where he now records most of his music. Ti Gonzi, rarely ever writes at all and he earned the Award for Best Freestyle in 2014. The young guy expressed that it used to hurt him that he was not even mentioned amongst great spitters though he considered his lyrics to be as strong.

Previously he was at Rehab as a signed artiste but left that partnership to work on other things.  You can keep voting for the song to get rotation across Zimbabwean Radio stations.  You can check out the freestyle video below.


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