Thomas Sankara Has Been Alive For 30 Years

Assassinated on the 15th of October in 1987 many would say that Thomas Sankara has been dead for the past 30 years. The Pan African revolutionary made great strides and bold statements to imperialists that Africa was our own.

Good leaders don’t die, they are immortalized by the ideas and principles they stand for as long as those principles keep flowing down from generation to generation. It is our duty to keep that flame ablaze and fight against neo-colonialism, which many African leaders have been painted badly for trying to overcome.

The unthinQ Team this October has decided to release a brief history on the life and death of Thomas Sankara. It is an animated dialogue with voice overs by Ellen Alexa Mubwanda and Monalisa K Chishato. They scripted it and it was animated by Michael “Mcpotar” Mupotaringa with background music provided by Arlington Taylor Mawarire (Aytee)

You can get to watch it on the embed below.

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