#TheComeUp – Boss Spencer – From Vending To Victory in Entertainment

A lot of people love to collide with big names like Boss Spencer Madziya, because of their big money and the affluent parties they throw. The man practically has the Zimbabwean urban entertainment scene on his finger tips and last month held a stellar birthday party to celebrate with his people. Spencer Madziya is mentor material and living proof of smart ideas building wealth. He did not always begin this way.


He says, “I remember vending at the age of 12 selling freezits and goodies to passengers at Glennorah a bus station I think the rest became a journey full of determination to be a better person.”
Yes indeed you heard that right. It is quite obvious some people who may have been annoyed by him knocking at their windows to sell his merchandise have not attained a fraction of what he has today. He runs a lot of entertainment brands among them Platinum Entertainment. This made us want to share the story of who he is, so that young and old people may be inspired.


“I’m a 35 year old born in a family of six in the ghetto known as Glennorah, Harare. Moved to Norton town in the early 90’s and I’m married to Vimbayi Dorothy and blessed with 2 beautiful kids, a boy (Jayden) and a girl (Natalie).” He said. A husband, father, entrepreneur, brother…. a strong character fearful of little but he has had down days he had to pick up from.


“Lost my father in 2003, he was diagnosed of cancer of the Spine, my mu is there running her business in Norton,” revealed the magnate.


Madziya started getting involved in entertainment in  the late 90’s when he began organizing shows in Norton with his  friend Joshua Takuranawo (who is now based in the UK). On relocating to Harare he ran Splash Mereki Carwash which became an entertainment center not only to people who came to get their cars washed or just partying but also for youngsters who would exhibit their talents. Established artistes also started to throng the place and shared ideas, eventually transforming it to one of the biggest outdoor entertainment places.


“We started hosting shows parties etcetera .The Platinum Brand was then born. When I came on the scene I was dismissed as overzealous from even the people whom I respected in the game but I believed in my team and we soldiered on now we here.” Madziya said. He too was a victim of the hazardous pull down syndrome we all must battle but he soldiered on.


The expedition to his success he says has  been really a series of events from hosting top international artistes welcome parties, top zim celebrities, events and so forth. He feels more than honoured to be part of creating global synergies with the Pachedu Awards Project,  an initiative of Simba Media owners of Zimonline Radio based in the Queendom. He has built several businesses and said he is working on a new acquisition which will inevitably be the biggest thing in entertainment in Zimbabwe.


Among the figures mentioned to have helped him get by in business. He mentioned prominent Facebook entertainer, CST alongside business woman Cynthia Bizure and also Acie Lumumba. These people continually give him fuel one way or another.


“Thomas Chizhanje a voice of reason in my life… he has helped me manage my personal and business life. Cynthia Bizure  an astute businesswoman calculating business moves all the time gives me solid investment advice. Acie Lumumba makes me believe that we are the future and every move you make as a youth has a bearing on the generations to come he brings out the leader in me,” a grateful Boss Spencer told Mcpotar.Com.


Boss Spencer is a visionary and believes in the Zimbabwean music industry despite what is said by naysayers. This is why he has been supporting a lot of acts and is mentioned in songs of people that make the charts. Mainstream and underground, a real man of the people. They all respect him as a leader they can count on to help them execute their plans. Whether it’s Nox, Noble Stylz, Trae Yung, Russo, 8L, Anonzi Xndr, Stunner, Maskiri or any big name that comes first to your mind as far as greatness goes. You can tell from their posts that they respect the iconic figure he has become. Remember that years ago he was just a young man selling freezits in the burning sun to get to this level one day. To gain entrepreneurial skills. So you can do it too with you dream and have your Come Up Story.

Boss Spencer

“I’m a firm believer in Zimbabwean  art. Ibelieve the impediment of growth has and will always be  the lack of funding of this sector be it from government  or private sector. To unlock the full potential of this indusrty artistes have to manage their art as a business not a pass-time activity. If you are serious about what you do business community will also take you seriously, endorsements will come knocking on your door. Growth is definitely there and the upcoming music promoters like Bodyslam inc etc  have brought a breath of fresh air in the industry so yah we marching on  in the right direction.” – Spencer Madziya

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