#TheComeUP: Akira Speaks About Her Career History | (Zimbabwe)

Akira Slayz is one of the most outspoken Femcees to come out of Zimbabwe. Usually caught up in controversy online surrounding beefs with other emcees or simply lyrical challenges, she is a “beast” when it comes to the mic and is beating our chests to come and take a peek at the underground.

She is the first to be profiled on this new blog series titled #TheComeUP where we will focus on brands that are making an impact on the African Hip-hop Scene.



Who are you, give a brief Family background and any significant events good or bad, surrounding your upbringing, keep it brief.

My name is Audray Brown aka Akira Slayz, Akira Killaor anything else they call me. I was born in a family of 3, that’s 1 sister and 1 little bro and myself. I can’t say I’ve had any significant good events but I think the worst event I can remember is when my grandfather passed on. I always regret being rude to him before he died and I feel really bad about that.

When did you start getting involved with the arts. Give the obstacles you faced on your way up and how you overcame them.

I started singing a lil while back when I was in elementary. They had this crazy talent show when I was in grade 5 and me and a couple of other girls entered and won and the result was we went allover Harare performing and the rest was history… On an official basis I started rapping in 2007 that’s when I really felt like I had more to offer to the world. I really struggled a lot with composing my own music and I remember having a song of mine suck so badly the producer told me to fast for talent. But that never kept me down, I told myself to keep pushing until I got recognition in 2009 from my mentor and manager Miss Kerry Lee. After seeing the potential I possessed, she gave me guidance in many ways that I’m thankful for and up to date I haven’t looked back or struggled like I used to.

When and what was your breakthrough moment?

Being asked to join AMTNT Music in 2011 was a real step in the right direction for me. The group was still fresh and we all had something different to offer to the world. I owe those guys a lot, that’s Kerry Lee, TPR and Martin, they made a lot of my wishes come true in the time they promised

What awards, milestones and so forth have you reached so far. 

The majority of awards that i can say I won have completely nothing to do with music; it’s all modeling, educational stuff and so on. Music milestones, most recently I had the most downloaded hip-hop track in under 8 hours(Slayzie-2013), I had the honor of being the first female rapper to perform at Festival Au Desert(2013), and I have the highest selling album by a female rapper from Zim (Guantanamo Bae – $3420 and counting)

Who are your  models and how much do they contribute to how you do things role today.

My role model is Kerry Lee no doubts about that. She handles all my music schedules and works twice as hard for me to maintain a quality standard in all my songs and I’m proud to say she contributes a lot to my sound.

What is your vision in the arts/ hip-hop industry?

My vision is to one day be envisioned as the girl who pioneered the underground to the top of the food chain and I believe a lot of that is in motion now, AMTNT Music fans can testify.



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