The Xndr and Pmula Fight – Hahaha

It is a public secret that P Mula and Anonzi Xndr Mutumha recently fell out as business partners and also as friends, with words and social gossip flying around that may make it hard to ever reconcile. I was away from Facebook where the action was but it did not stop people from sending me screen-shots.

I also read an article by Dodger on the case, which did not happen to give P Mula’s side but hey it was only fair I guess since the crowd was vouching for the Norton rapper.  I first knew of P Mula last year through his award nominated offering Ma Standards which was produced by Xndr, which had a follow up album the same year.

I will not dwell much on who they are and who made who but….

Xndr’s Work Ethic Deteriorated

In my capacity as an artiste when I first did work with Xndr, the whole process was fast and he had a great work ethic. I even saw it in other projects he touched on and basically 2012 and 2013 were his years. Many kids coming up in the so called South Samora would have done anything to be signed to that label.

I personally even held the thought but since I was setting up my own independent hustle I decided to rather pay services to producers I want when I wanted.

You may remember an article even in early 2015 where I actually applauded Xndr for having over a Gig of music produced in 2013 and 2014. It was more than most producers I had seen. Last year he may have fallen short of that 1 Gig (there’s even a joke about the 1 Gig.

Tsano On Xndr's One Gigabyte Of Music
Tsano On Xndr’s One Gigabyte Of Music

The above joke was more of a compliment hidden in humour of his hardwork. That’s what we were laughing about but today we laugh at his failure to replicate the same work ethic that brought him there… wait for it

Xndr Meets Mula

Some have speculated that his love life interfered with his work ethic, some say Anonzi Xndr may have an alcohol problem. I do not have that much detail to make those conclusions about the man. He does drink yes, and if it is drink perhaps he needs to sacrifice it for the greater good. Jay Z once had to lay off drinking a certain wine to get things done.

PMula Risks Appearing As A Cry Baby

One more rant from P Mula and we soon have to change his diapers in cyphers. Come on man you can’t be crying all week and exposing unrelated issue about another man’s morality when it has little to do with the issue at hand.

We understand you are hurt but you have been very impulsive as far as this story is concerned. No need to tell us stuff that will make us look at Xndr different as a person, if anything the issue would have been solved internally.

I understand however that some things become public domain but when they do stick to the main cause don’t start adding trivia and private life to the whole puzzle or start provoking a man’s ex girlfriends, current girlfirends, alleged side-chicks and what have you.

You risk being a cry baby when you do that and it can take 30 seconds for people who support you to change sides. Zim Hip-hop is not loyal… worse Facebook (ask CST).



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