The Truth About Zimbabwean Hip-hop Blog Reviews

So we finally are grasping the benefits of the information age, everyone now has an opportunity to air voice. Steven Covey believed this was one of the best things to celebrate in this age. The question now would be, with so many voices in a teacher less classroom, which one will stand out and which one holds truth?

It is one thing to air opinions; it’s another to state facts. Zimbabwean hip-hop being a genre appreciated by the young, who have grasped the workings of Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter now has a lot of forums, websites and blogs talking about hip-hop. In fact, albums are dropped online. They are reviewed by blogs and that’s how they are promoted. In music promotion there are things we call filters. When fans are trying to find music suitable music, to avoid being overloaded by links from different individuals, they will go to a review site (filter), use newspapers or dj recommendations, to decide which album or song they will use up their data for.

Meanwhile everyone is in groups posting links and hoping one of these filters stumble upon them. Some are making close friendships with bloggers in order to gain promotional favours. The bloggers themselves mostly are aligned to a certain stable or group of artists (as much as I will never ignore a Navy Seal single right). You can’t make enemies with bloggers anymore (or can you?), all their jokes are funny to you all of a sudden. They however now find it hard to come out and say, “Boss, this is really a sloppy product. It doesn’t move me.” They risk losing a like.

Meanwhile, a group of fans expects that particular blog to be a filter and tell them the truth so they can get value for their data. The sloppy track is recorded by a producer who only cares about the money, he doesn’t tell the kid to up his game. I mean this kid says his dad is offering to sponsor him for an album. The dope rappers that can afford are few. A team of guys helps create a dope cover art and hash-tag for the guy and soon that tag is all over my feeds and yours.

You have seen this before. I’ve done it with some of my sloppy work too. You can’t wait to hear what the track sounds like. It must be big!!! That’s when you download it and delete it the next day. That’s when you lose trust for Zim hip-hop blogs. You read through their tone as they hype that guy and you know they are friends. A certain person in the same week puts out something really amazing and they don’t see it, they don’t mention it, when they do, it is just a 2 minute blog post.

In brief I am saying, I will by all means highlight sloppy work if you send it for review. If the truth hurts you will unlike my page and block me, namedrop me as a hater in your next song but I would have said the truth. People need to work hard (I need to work hard too). The hype for nada era is over. I give a shout out to Depth and The Juice for carrying that cross. They know the journey.

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