The Truth About Unshakable Discipline (1 minute Read)

We all know it takes discipline to do exceptionally well at any endeavour. Thus we all wish we had more discipline especially to reap fruits of late gratification.

Imagine having the dicipline to study regularly enough that you wouldn’t need panic reading for exams or cramming?

Discipline that would guide you to save money, quit smoking,quit drinking or even start fitness routines.

Well I believe the key to discipline lies in what brings it about.

Discipline is consistent obedience to a certain routine even when it is difficult to keep up.

Obedience however is a product of Respect.

Respect is high regard or high perception of value.

You can only consistently obey something you respect (value highly) or something you fear highly.

If you are not trained in combat and someone points a gun at you and tells you to give them your phone. You probably will (unless you’re a cheating hubby and the person is your wife).

If you respect your grandmother and she tells you to sit on a dusty pavement with your black tuxedo. You most probably will, out of respect.

Now since we have established that obedience is powered by respect/high regard or fear.

You probably do not respect your wife if you cheat her. No you don’t value her as much as you perport to.

You don’t value your boyfriend’s feelings if you a girl and flirt with other men. Let alone sleep with them.

You probably don’t value your health if you don’t discipline yourself to cut on junk food.

A lot of examples can be generated but I promised a one minute read as click bait. It worked, because here you are.

Now DISCIPLINE is maintenance of that obedience. Think about it.

If I ignore 7 hot girls because I respect my girlfriend and on the 8th day entertain a persistent one, then it was all in vain.

If she too has maintained resistence only to finally succumb to one advance. The obedience for all those months would count for zero.

There are of course things like diet, fitness and so forth that one can decide to resume discipline in, while some are corrupted by a moment of weakness succumbed to.

Discipline involves maintainence of that respect. You have to consciously and also subconsciously put in your routine things that show that you respect something. For your sake, as a creature of habit.

In African culture wives and husbands perform certain rites in their tradition to symbolize respect.

Men bow in shona culture and give loud clapping gestures from afar when their in laws are in proximity.

Women ideally should bow to serve food for husbands and serve him a seperate dish to respect him. (if future wife is reading, yes I like this, it’s not a big task but it gas big implications).

Children ideally should salute each other by age mukoma (Big brother), vakoma (older siblings) and so forth. My mother used to caution me when I didn’t salute older people including my siblings.

Her siblings who gave children with children still salute her. Happy family they are.

Though most of these routines are taken for granted by the new age know it alls, they work to enforce reminders of whom and what we must respect. Protecting us from losing sight during tempting moments where we are weak.

It helps us maintain the much needed obedience which cultivates discipline. Perhaps kneeling to pray can actually improve ones respect for whom they are talking to. As long as it is not out of fear but great reverence.

Getting to work early when it begins at 8am, despite knowing that clients walk in after 10am gives you a sense of respect for the work you do. Ultimately a more disciplined approach.

Since I promised a 1 minute read.

Let me address fear because I mentioned it as an alternative way to induce obedience and therefore discipline.

Avoiding casual sex for instance  because of fear of HIV/AIDS or other STI’s still stops one from doing it, but stopping it for fear of God is forever. The person who abstains for fear of HIV infection may proceed as soon as condoms are given.

Fear induced obidience only lasts for as long as what one fears is a valid threat.

The Legal System For Instance

The legal justice system is based on inducing FEAR motivated obedience to LAWS that law breakers have failed to respect.

One can either desist from stealing a phone because at moral level they purely respect other peoples possessions.

On the other hand a criminal who has no respect for that may also not steal the phone because cops are nearby, and he heard what happened to last guy.

Until something can get the criminal to RESPECT other peoples sweat. He will strike the phone as soon as we are off guard.

That said. Hope you enjoyed the 1 minute read. Feel free to follow me on @Mcpotar via twitter for updates on the go.

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