The To Marry List 2016 (8 Ladies I Recommend)

The too marry list is a Mcpotar appreciation list which began last year. In this list  mention 8 single ladies whose personalities, ideals and beauty I appreciate so much that I would recommend and man of sound values to marry them. As a rule of thumb, I do not repeat anyone on the previous list and these women may come from different walks of life. In other words, they are not in the list for the same reasons.

Here is last years “To Marry List”…

I would also like to say, the to marry list is not neccessarily a list of women I have been involved with neither is it a least of women I intend to be involved with. They may actually be dating other people. However it does not also mean I won’t throw in my resume… lol.

Now that we have reduced assumption seeds we may begin.

08 – Floridah Mapeto

Floridah MapetoWe all know the loud and interesting social media celebrity girl. She is also an activist and media person online. She stands up for women and is opinionated about freedom of expression. Great stylist of her own clothes, to stand out she will tint her hair and keep it short sometimes. Perhaps just not be defined by your norms. Perhaps you will be attracted by her unmistakable lips. She posts a lot about equality for cooking chores so yeah. Expect that too. You’re on duty!!!

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07. Kellenah Rachel Haurobi

KellenahSuper model body, beautiful  and broad smile.  When you give her the ring she will turn the isle to a run-way.  This slender nubian queen is a visual artiste and stylist. Actually taking this up academically at Chinhoyi University and she’s always had that paintbrush touch.

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06. Rutendo Samatha Borerwe

Rutendo Borerwe SamanthaMutare born fashion entrepreneur, she has her own fashion magazine called The Street Peeper which she has been courageous to sell. Fresh out of college she is building her dream.  There is nothing more attractive in the 21st century than a woman who is willing to test-drive her dreams. She never stops really and this has opened opportunities for her abroad. Plus she now has “to marry list nomination”.

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05. -Blacperl Maswera

Blacperl Bho ZvekutiStraight out of Sunshine City, motivated, collected and “Bho Zvekuti” our first and only ever “Wonder Gurl Wednesday” feature. This young hip-hop femcee has a future in entertainment and manages to coup endorsements and roles in the corporate world without selling her sexiness in her message. Her message remains something I would let my daughter listen to. She makes it to this list.

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04. TatRobin

Tatenda Robin ChaibvaYou probably otherwise know her as Robin Tatenda Chaibva. Beautiful fashion writer who’s opinionated take on everything is actually attractive. I was particularly awed by  the image I have attached here. I have known Robin since late 2012, quite a hottie if you ask me. Marry her!!!

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03. Miss Pineapple

Miss PineapplePineapples are known to be sweet and so is her heart. Blessed with a curvacious anatomy, beautiful face and great hair which is mostly kept natural, besides being a jaw-dropper she is a good master of ceremonies, dancer and she does a lot of work with organisations that motivate kids. You gotta love her. Make sure you take dance classes from John Cole because she will out-dance you or perhaps, “Can you teach me how to dance could be your opening line.”

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02. Diana Sigauke

Top Beautiful Ladies ZimBig eyes decorated by dark eyeshadow to capture your mind. Trust me when she asks for favours if you do meet her,DO NOT make contact with those eyes… sigh. Thatt’s not the only hypnotic aspect about Dee, she is built to captivate the eyes. Young woman doing marketing and learning  a lot.





01.  Wait for it

Coming SoonNumber 1 of the “To Marry List” will feature in an article of her own which will be postedwithin the next 48hours. Thank you for reading…

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(Edited: you can now see number 1 here)

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