The Thing About Me and Church – (Short Poem)

Here is a poem about me Church, Religion and Spirituality.


A voice in me told me to go to church,

Sunday service instead of watching a football match,

So I wore a red shirt and a tie to match,

Old women wore suits with matching hats.


I paid attention as soon as the sermon began,

Took notes with a pen as I was ready to learn,

They told me Jesus Christ was a gift to man,

And I should give a fraction of the money I earn.


I understood all those parts, supported by scripture,

The Bible as a book painted beautiful pictures,

In reality the words were too hard to digest,

But I can’t deny the feeling, I was feeling more blessed.


I went out to the world to practice the preaching,

Praying and fasting, bowing and reaching,

Reading, enriching my mind with the word,

Leading and speaking my mind to the world.


Then a day came when my spirit got tired,

I responded more to my fleshes desires,

My whole faith was lost and burning in fire,

I tried much to open the book of Isaiah.


Plus I wasn’t moved by hypocritical Christianity,

They spoke humility but lived for vanity,

Mis-use of the Bible – promoting inequality,

Some said knowledge brought me to insanity.


When I told them about the false doctrines,

And how the illuminati planted toxins,

Coffins into the church – the walking dead,

You would think right now I’m becoming mad.


Gumbura molested women in the name of God,

Many Pastors are getting in court for fraud,

Spiritual I am but religion is flawed,

I can’t say it all here but my claims are broad.


This made me for sometime question the Earth,

I was presented to Christianity since my birth,

I’ve never read the Q’uaran or some other beliefs,

So my mind sometimes has been full of what ifs.


So I do wake up sometimes to go to church,

Pen and paper for the sermon ‘cause am on a search,

I have seen miracles right before my eyes,

So I know Jesus Christ cannot be a lie.


What I doubt ares the people that claim to be sent,

When they are just trying to make another cent,

They are good at talking and help you to repent,

But when their scandals are out your faith is burnt.


Do not follow a man that’s the lesson learnt,

A day with God will always be a day well spent,

Sometimes I sit and wonder where the gospel went,

But God in his wisdom knows his real intent.


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