The Songs I Slept On Part 1

So yeah, Mcpotar has been on a sabbatical for a while, in the back-ground there have been a lot of musical releases un-reviewed. At least PushZW , ZimXclusiv’s and Spekktrumn did play that part so that no one can completely aim his accusing finger at “bloggers”.

I was going through some of the hardest emotional times. My uncle was murdered after going missing for six days and my genius cousin hung himself. The family thinks it’s related to hip-hop influence (though I disagree, he was a heavy metal fan). You can imagine me having a clear mind to write after that.

Wel… that’s when Christian Rappers decided to blame for ignoring their music. I will take time out to dedicate an article to that but calling me out is no longer a working strategy to get reviewed guys. Here are some of the releases I managed to stumble upon.

  1.  R.Peels – Nobody Got Time For That (Part 2) feat. Sim27, Cashbid, Synik


Produced by Ikonik Krimz, this is the sequel to the first Nobody Got Time that R.Peels did. The theme is basically saying no one has time for listening to “fake bling stories” and he decided this time to put the illest rappers in the mix. Cashbid and Synik have been known to drop hard lyrics. Peels held his own and Simz27 made love to the mic to birth a successful song. You can download the song by requesting it on whatsapp – +263783313314


  1. Myke Pimp – Hundare feat. Baller (Prod. Ikonik Krimz)


The Harare based hussler who gave us Ma Obama, Harare Hairarwe and Sir Wicknell seems to have a thing for money talk and if you know him in person. Hell yeah he is about that hustlership and parties. That’s what Myke Pimp is all about… When I first met him, I was just wondering. Who the hell calls himself Mykepimp or Myke Pimp… or anything Pimp lol. Well he teamed up with Baller, a dollar sign music artiste to create a song called Hundare…. And yes it’s about Benjamin’s. Baller is also a somewhat money talk … bling bling type of name. So whilst R.Peels is saying “Nobody Got Time”, Myke Pimp and baller be like GTFOH with that knowledge ish, we counting money. Indeed with this type of track they should be, even Begotten Sun loves it (Begotten Sun’s opinion count, you know right?) –



  1. Mcpotar – That’s All (Produced by Hitmen)


Some say this guy should just quit rap completely, maybe try poetry or stick to blogging. Some say he’s been nice with the mic since My Struggle Your Struggle. Which group does he listen to?


He says he listens to his own voice and also seeks direction from the almighty. In this offering he talks about obstacles in his journey and how knowledge seeking is threatening his faith. He needs Jesus.

Get the song below.


  1. Taz The Prince – Work (Prod. By Hitmen)


This guy though…. All you gotta know is, he is one of the illest emcees out there with no vision and lack of ambition. How can someone have bars this deep and still tell me that he doesn’t care, he’s only doing this for a hobby. If you listen to “Work” and then observe the lack of push this guy has you will be heartbroken like when White kids find out that Santa aint real.


Taz you’re the guy who buried his talent in the paraqble of the talents. The Master is disappointed lol. Anyway I said his song is heat alright. Let’s get it here…



Okay so that’s it for today and I know, I know. I forgot a lot more than that. There is that Dope Boy song, Trap-C, Ten Soulz and I think StayFly Clan was talking about something. Ill Manner is on the list, but an EP deserves a holistic review so that’s something you will see in the upcoming articles.


If you would like your song reviewed, email me a press release on


Do I favour certain artistes?


No I don’t favour any artistes I just favour organized presentation of review requests. Someone wacker than you if organized will be reviewed for following the right method. Of course the review may tear apart his song… but well that’s Hip-hop.


It’s 5am, am heading back to sleep.

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