The Shocking Truth About Hamuko Views (With Pics)

Social proof is important to any brand these days especially in the arts industry. It’s the difference sometimes between who gets endorsements and who doesn’t. See, if you seem to have an audience you can sell that audience to someone who needs it. Businesses need it Sometime social proof is about bragging rights and sometimes it’s about awards.

With no intentions of causing mayhem in Hip-hop circles this morning I highlighted that many Youtube views were in fact suspicious. They did not look naturally obtained, given that even more popular people did not get high Youtube  views at that rate. So this sparked a discussion in which it was revealed that #TeamBho’s Hamuko has only had 2 peaks on 2 days yet it boasts of a staggering 19,000 views vs big artistes that have obtained the same in months.

Is TeamBho more famous than Stunner? Below you will realize that though Hamuko now brags of 19,000 views it was only shared 29 times and drove 12 subscriptions. The peaks are on the 26th of October and 2 November respectively Though we know that they have been spamming everyday.



Now you may say hey, maybe that’s how videos go on Youtube but we have many examples of what we believe to be real traffic. Correct us if we are wrong. Their brothers MMT have over 60, 55 shares subscriptions driven to their VEVO, a gradual rise.  13,087 views at the time. Youtube is such a snitch but wait for the last exhibit.



Cashbid has described this feature on Youtube as worse than the dreaded Whatsapp blue ticks.



All I can say is these guys are my fam and we all want straight A’s but they over modified the report card which raised a lot of eyebrows. Yes it did. Furthermore they have been hash-tagging that they should win song of the year based on their statistics. But the real Hamuko is their true statistics are nowhere near 1000.

We all have debit cards but buying views is really like sending yourself a valentines gift or having a long distance relationship with Bev (the pole model). This only happens towards November therefore I appeal to ZHHA not to ever base any accollade in the next ZHHA on popularity unless they have the right tools to prove it’s authenticity.

Ignoring this call means we are ignoring all men of honesty and integrity in this industry. I spoke against gate keeping 3 weeks ago and why ZHHA should not close out the underground based on who is on radio. What I am really saying is, if likes can be bought, plays can be bought. Anyone who is guilty of this act may also give a  drink or two to whoever is at the library. No am not accusing these guys of such malice but as far as Youtube views are concerned #Hamuko

On The Lighter Side

What our brothers are really saying is they need recognition from you guys so I decided to embed the video in this post to drive some authentic hits to the video.


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