The Role Of Men Undermined By New Society

In the old world order men were a symbol of power, respect and security. Much like ZESA, The President and the police. Looking at my newsfeed on Facebook during Father’s day, I realized that world view was fast fading away in the new world order, must be illuminati (nah it’s just ignorance). I have seen this coming for years. Just like ZESA and police, men no longer hold as much power and respect.-Partly their fault.

Loving fatherMen are attacked on Mothers Day, Fathers Day, when Emily takes nudes and when Bev strips. Many other incidents will eventually implicate men as the villain and women as the victim. Well of course this finger pointing holds a degree of truth, but also a PhD of lies. The basis is that there have been men in our midst that have put the whole masculine species to disrepute by being abusive or irresponsible but surely good men deserve to have a clean Fathers day. After-all it is not all men that have done these crimes and besides their female counterparts are not as holy either.

Just don’t hate me because the men in your life have been jerks simple. Also ask yourself how you attracted that sort of treatment. Trust me, there are women who men you think are jerks have treated like queens. Why you? – Beats me, they not justified however.

Bashing irresponsible men on Father’s day is similar to bashing cheating partners on Valentine’s Day thereby shifting the focal intention of the day from celebrating the faithful ones. I feel by so doing we are spoiling the day for good men. Yes some men have been abusive, yes some have not owned up to take care of their children but you can reserve those rants for a different day. In fact towards the end of each year the world has dedicated 16 Days of Activism where once again feminists and frustrated baby mama’s assault all of masculinity to an extent that one doubts the very existence of any good man.

On the one day we are supposed to celebrate men, you shoot them again.

The truth is men partially have brought this upon themselves in a way by doing these nasty and inconsiderate things. From the eyes of the offended I can see this. The anger seems justified but it is not because their boyfriend isn’t every man. Not all the fault should always go to the guy. There is no gender balance when all responsibility for even things women have chosen upon their own lives have to be blamed on males. It is ridiculous how people always expect gender imbalance to be a sin that can only be committed against women. Is that not similar to how my fellow black brothers will always find a way to blame the white man for even their shortcomings. Yes, feminists and sexists will blame men alone because Emily Kachote or whoever she is took nudes of herself , which by Zimbabwean Constitution is illegal even if they are private by the way. Men and women alike voted for these laws recently. We will be blamed because Beverly Sibanda or whatever her name is, is dancing seductively on a pole yet Walter Magaya and other people did try their best to get her out of that life. In fact, she is not forced to do so. – The victim card is like a Mastercard these days, easy to get.

Most women on their Facebook walls profess Christianity yet the same women at the end of the day if not raped are part responsible for co-habiting with dudes that never paid lobola (bride-price) and playing the role of wives before their parents get cattle or single bond coin from mkwasha (a.k.a bae). When all is well and you try to discourage them from that life, you will be labelled as a jealous, sex-starved and old-fashioned hater. As soon as they get pregnant and the new-fashioned guy doesn’t want anything to do with it all men are dogs? Well if men are dogs, what’s a female dog called in English, if you passed it?

 All men including Brother Thomas, whom you ridicule for his quoting of scripture on dates and for his undying principles, are dogs? He is labelled as stupid for dating and never bedding girls. My logic tells me then, she partly takes the blame for what’s coming at her since she decided to be with a certain Bruce who wants marriage benefits before he is married. If you pick one end of a stick, the other end moves too. I am not saying women are to blame for what men have done to them, what I am refusing is that they want to pile all the blame on men. They indeed own half the blame and the men that have wronged them are not at all exempt from justice.

I must make it very clear that I applaud all women that play both roles. Everybody makes mistakes and all but ranting about the fruits of their immorality on Facebook on a day we want to celebrate principled men like brother Thomas is a no-no. It is not a day to rant about Bruce, no. You can rant about him during 16 Days of activism. You may have issues with some men, but that’s not a reason to go around ranting about all men on social media. If your man is a jerk, do not label me in that box with him. I certainly do not deserve it.

On the other hand, there are feminine men who want to get quick support from women through political correctness. They will attack men on women’s behalf just to be seen as great guys, they harvest hundreds of likes of course on Facebook. I do not know if it’s a proven method of getting laid but it really pisses me off that people take time to make rule lists for their view of “real men”. Look I stand for women even in my poetry and hip-hop, but I don’t wear skirts like these dudes. Telling us to do the very things that have got us friend-zoned before, are you out of your mind? It really gets to me when a dude who wears a blouse makes a little list about how we should behave in the house. Dudes like that should just come out of the closet so that we are clear where they stand. – We will not discriminate.

No lie, am very un-apologetic for being a man and I do not owe any man or woman political correct talk. If anything I owe you all some real talk. I apologize to any women that have been wronged by members of my species or myself, but I apologize as a fellow human being and not because of my masculinity. No one chose their gender so let’s respect each other on both ends. There are a lot of women I respect; in fact I am not getting into any projects without consulting the intellectual mind of those women. This is because I appreciate and respect the role and contribution of women to planet Earth. Even Jesus didn’t undermine the role of women, but why does a certain percentage of them undermine our role then?

I will however forever despise harlotry, chosen ignorance and discrimination from anyone including women and I will never apologize for that world-view. I stand by my notion that the role of men in society should not be undermined as much as that of women should be respected.

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