The Potardent’s State Of The Nation Of Zim Hip-hop Address

The Potar-dent’s 1st State Of The Nation Of Zim Hip-hop Address

Note that this is just for humour purposes and should not be taken seriously. His Benevolence Potardent salutes and gives honour and due respect to the authorities of the Republic of Zimbabwe. 

Honourable Spitter Of The National Emcee-mbly (*Assembly)

Chairperson of the National Council of Provokatifness (NCOP)

Dope-uty Spitter of the National Assembly and Deputy Chairperson of the NCOP;
Deputy Potar-dent of the Rapperblic, Honourable Quence Motion;

Honourable Chief Murker of the Rapperblic, and all esteemed members of the Cypher;
Honourable Bars 263, Chairs of the Zim Hip-hop Debate Forum,

Honourable Mini-stars and Dope-uty Mini-stars,

The Heads of Chapter 9 Institutions;
The Governor of the Think Tank; Mr. Prince Noble Butawo,

Thank you for awarding me this opportunity to spit to the masses.

As the Potar-dent of the Rapperblic of Zimbabwean Hip-hop, first permanent secretary of Zaangoma and Editor in Chief of the Provokatif blogs, I hereby present my State Of Hip-hop address.

So far this year Zim Hip-hop has had it’s diverse times. We have many in our midst that have kept this nation what it is today. We would like to thank Zimboy and Beefy for creating the Changamire Festival which has seen many artistes perform in front of a live audience. This will go a long way in making artistes polish their act. We would also like to thank The Big Shots, Mariachi Code and other stake-holders involved in the planning and running of Can You Kick it which once again has brought young artistes to the podium. Of course not forgetting the pundits in the pedagogy of shows, Magamba Network for Hosting Peace in The Hood Concerts, Mashoko and also the coming Shoko Festival.

As far as Zim Hip-hop Awards are concerned, my aides informed me that there was an Indaba on the issue and new leadership and nomination strategy are being put in place. The Zim Hip-hop Awards also play their role in acknowledgement of great artistes. I am informed by my aides that his dopestry the Governor of The Think Tank, Noble Styles forwarded great ideas that will see underground artistes awarded.

Missing Citizens:


Though opposition media has claimed my status-updates are responsible for the abduction of many including Team Bho, Marques and Michael Kata. My office maintains that we have nothing to do with them missing on my friendlist. We have used Facebook Open Graph search to search for them. Marques went missing from my timeline and friend-list after my truthful review on his last weeks “Who Got Next”.

A lot of Facebook terrorist are planning an insurgence against his Potardent. We have since sentenced Dopeboy (Philip Banda) to a 2 Weeks of being made fun of, suspended to 1 week to condition of good behaviour.

Diss Tracks

We as a nation still love good diss tracks that’s why the Potardent will continue to promote them. They bring our nation alive and crash the weaklings. We all know the the laws of this Rapperblic. [If you don’t know the laws, read them here]

Femcee Akira, Cashbid, Kata , (was gonna put Marques here but he said it wasn’t a diss track) we see give you our due respect.

Our 11 Suggestions for  growth of artistes are still very much viable. [Read Them Here].

We also encourage the humble spittizens of Zim Hip-hop nation to  follow the Potardent on Twitter and instagram on @Mcpotar. It is your constitutional right to however unfollow him.

In this republic there is also Freedom of Tweet, but as you know, it does not guarantee Freedom After Tweet.

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