The Potar-dent Of Zimbabwe Calls For Peaceful Awards

The Head of taste of Hip-hop and Editor In Chief of Zimbabwe hip-hop blogs, Potar-dent Mupotaringa has urged the hip-hop community to be well behaved in todays Hip-hop awards. The awards are at their fifth Anniversary and will be held at 1+1 Club at Long Cheng Plaza.

” I hope the misunderstandings between my Hip-hop family Ti Gonzi and Ishy X, Masofa Panze and Rehab remain verbal and artistic. We wouldn’t want a situation where there are violent confrontations because journalists will be there to add to what AHHB already said in the “Zim Hip-hop Postmorten”. It will then only become official if we behave badly at the award show and being the 5th Edition people will just give up on us. Five years of failing to put up an indisputable show. – I urge you not to even test each other and I say this as a person who has read much about PR. We can’t deny that there are divisions and we hate each other here and there but lets be nice kids in front of people today.” he said

This was in relation to an earlier call out of Noble Stylz by Anonzi Xndr which provoked a response from the former.


On your daily posts you say “you practice what you preach”, “you do as you say”…but it has come to my knowledge that you were nominated in the best freestyle category but “pulled out”…for the good of the genre Im calling you out NOBLE STYLES (Prince Butawo Noble)

Participate for the growth of the genre, show your followers that you can go head to head with the others, in one of your recent songs you did say “certain studios are for quitters”…show us that you’re not a quitter. This is my first call as host of the category, you have till end of day to change your mind, my 2nd call shall come when I’m on stage.

‪#‎zimhiphopawards2015‬ ‪#‎truth‬” – Anonzi Xndr said.

Noble later woke up to respond with the text quoted below.


After waking up to a tagged post from u..I just had to return the favour..#1 My battle career goes down further than your HairLine I have done this for over 10years AND NEVER LOST ONCE…dnt let me remind u on how I destroyed your MMT like it was NOTHING…honestly it was nothing..3rappers?That’s nothing to me I BATTLE CITIES.

Back to the story of the day,The reason I am not kiking some at the AWARDS is SIMPLE…its like being asked to Perform at a show u nt BOOKED FOR…but the promoter just wrote your name…I felt seriously DISRESPECTED because I DDNT SUBMIT MY FORM meaning I ddnt want to participate otherwise Masofa Panze 3 should have been on BEST ALBUM…Masofa panze on Best Clique prolly also nominated for best male..but NAH….I ddnt want no award..I entittled Blacperl to handle 2015 and that girl SOLD MORE COPIES MORE THAN TOTAL ALBUM COPIES FROM YOUR ENTIRE STUDIO.

So nw u trying to be a dick by tryna get bek at me for everything u lost in the past will MAKE ME DESTROY U TONIGHT…GO AHEAD CALL MY NAME…The organisers will blame u for what I will do next…LOOKING FOWARD TO IT…I AM THAT BEAST…TRY ME ‪#‎BeastMode‬” – Noble Stlyz

Whilst this has attracted a lot of excitement around social media by people who love to see beefs. The end results may not serve the image of hip-hop in the collective pie. It’s much like when Hakeem stood up to denounce the Pee Kay award. We loved the move as heads but the stories in major papers the next day painted hip-hop as disorganized despite the fact that the rest of that night had gone well.

“I am a fan of Ishy X, Ti Gonzi, Masofa Panze and Rehab by virtue of being a music curator. It hurts me everytime to see them test each other in ways that may go beyond the booth. I love battles… but may they remain artistic.” – Potar-dent

Hopefully the two-camps make resolutions in their inboxes and we manage to have peaceful awards this year. I guess if Noble has reasons for not battling, he may not be obliged to do so and if Ti Gonzi and Ishy X are to battle may it also remain artistic no matter who wins. Where there is beer, women around and tension, egos erupt and I thought it was best to forewarn people before they act in the moment.


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