The Plastic Republic

Society has always survived on an approval system. The fake realities we see on Facebook are not new, they are just more known than the ones in off-line society. People are fake because they want your approval.

See people work hard at impressing other people who are working hard to impress them too. Society has designed certain views and norms people should follow, but in reality these guidelines are hard to abide by. So what’s the solution?

The “H” word kicks in… the “H” word is quite popular in culture, tradition, religion or any guideline system. What is this “H” word? Yes,it’s Hypocrisy. That’s society’s way out… since there is an approval system people will conformto these guidelines when they are being seen by society and defy them when they think itwont be found out.

It’s amazing howmany people would do certain things they bdenounce ifthey thought they’d never be found out. if you think i am lying read the press and find out how ourrole models (people we thought were perfect) have been exposed of doing the opposite of what they preach.

Guess what? The people that expose these issues may also be guilty of the same thing. the system we have in society is deeply judgmental and judgement is not passed by perfect people. they may not have exactly the same weakness as the person they judge…. but the bottom line is we all have weaknesses but in a system like this I have to keep mine secret and so do you.

I guess there’s a place out there where you can freely be yourself… and no one creates a benchmark ofrgood and bad selfishly because of their opinion.

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