The Pain Of Doing Art In An Academic Family

Geniuses are everywhere we go but we choose not to see them. We choose to define genius mostly as being able to grasp some Eistein equations or holding a PHD (no Magaya).


Some say, the Education system tests fish on climbing trees and I believe all my life I have been a victim of all this. It has been hard to get acceptance in what I truly shine in. My parents have never quite believed in the idea of doing art for a living.

I have been in the arts since I was 5 but my first serious contribution was at the age of 14 when I recorded a Hiphop song called “I’m Fabulous”. I wrote the whole song and Macduff (from First Class Beatz) had a brother who had studio time. On a Saturday morning Kudana came to early so we could go for the studio session but certainly I didn’t tell my father I would be hitting the studio. He always wants the best for me and the music business is risky but one day he’d realize that that’s my heart.

A lot of people say, “Music doesnt pay.” What they do not understand is that to us it’s about love of the art before anything. The money bit however depends on how one treats their music. If one doesnt treat any business as a business it will collapse. Failure to launch a hiphop career is no different from failure to open and maintain a butchery.

The revenue models may be different but of course my family never believed that music or any art would bring money.

I do not blame them because everyone at home is good academically including myself. I go home and hear about how many more degrees they want to take on. I do not deny the potential of School. I myself am a qualified Dental Therapist who plans to expand knowledge but I was an artiste from the day I could express, why would I neglect my first gift?

The real pain comes when the world knows your newest song and no one in your family does. They do not keep the latest scoop on you and yet if a controversial story about your music surfaces they will want to talk about it and how you embarrassed them.

Do they know the hell you have lived through in order to stand out?

I can reveal that when I did that Popota video with vixens all over me, the news reached my mother in a rather “shocking manner”.

“Did you see your son Mrs. Mupotaringa?”

I got a call from my mother but imagine if those individuals had done that announcement of every other piece of art I release? Nobody has taken Zaangoma or Where I Belong to my mum from the extended family. Sometimes you wonder if they saw the upload, link or sharing.

The numerous articles on this blog that uplift other human beings are left unread. It is not an accident that Popota has accumulated views faster than Where I Belong and My Struggle (Which are positive vibes).

I got a call from my parents really & I told them not to worry because it’s only entertainment. They understood that bit but the way it had reached them from corners of Earth was as if Lucifer had sucked my soul.  I got more attention on that video from family than any other.

But then I question…

So I have to make a video that provokes general moral code to be able to get close friends and family to care about this music. If it’s not controversial I do not get a comment?

Of course I have also been unfair in this article to act as if no one at all notices my gift. I have cousins and sisters who give their 2 cents here and there and I also understand that for some, it’s not really that they don’t care. Hiphop and Poetry are naturally not what they vibe with.

With an ever growing fan base and an interactive following. I learnt that those who are for my purpose are family too.

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