The Pain Of Dealing With Rejection And Betrayal by Jay Mashaire – (Relationships)

When you are in love you cant afford to be giving someone else more attention than you give your partner, especially someone of the opposite sex. People think making their partner jealous will help but all it does is destroy. Social networks have undoubtably made this even more evident and even more easy to hurt someones feelings intentionally or even unintentionally which means, if you are in a relationship, you need to protect your relationship by not falling into this trap of getting carried away, respect you partner enough to think of them first above any other 3rd party. If he/she aint the first person you want to please then why fall in love with them??

Feeling Of RejectionStand with your partner, even in the hardest of circumstances, the true sign of love is to choose not to reject him/her even when the circumstances warrants it because you know that if you do go on and treat them like they are scrap, even for a moment, the pain they feel is greater than anything you can ever imagine.

You cant say you love when you dont need. The moment you think, ‘Snap, I can still do well on my own, I dont really need him/her’ , is the moment you kill love cause you start not caring about the consequences of your actions towards the feelings of your partner. If you just do or let things happen without any consideration about the impact of those actions and reactions on your lover, you need to start making those considerations than continue hurting them.

Love is about caring, not revenge or betraying or even fixing them, when you get to the point of ‘fixing’ someone, will you love them the same after fixing them or you be doing more harm to the relationship???

NEVER cheat, end it and move on!! Cheating leaves the worst scars, scars that never really heal, scars in his/hers heart.

In all you do to the one you love, just remember that there is no more greater pain, than the pain the heart feels. The pain caused by the one you love and trust.

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