The One Thing  You Want In 2016

The year is at its denouement, award shows in all sectors to give it a beautiful exeunt. We had our own on the 10th of December and most companies are closing shop this week with braais, fund-raising concerts and Christmas parties all over the place. We are about to kick into 2016.

Normally I’d say, you don’t need to wait for 2016 to act on your goals but there is absolutely nothing wrong with jotting down 2016 goals. Most people however fail to accomplish any at all. After all the motivation they relax, but in this post I want you to focus on The One Thing. Make sure that thing is something you are already inclined to, like something you can do for hours without feeling it’s work.

What’s the one thing you want in 2015? – Just one….

I need you to focus on attaining that and this will save you from the distractions associated with multiple goals. If you want to be better at playing guitar in other words perhaps you will spend 80% of your time doing things to get better at that skill.

Deep Observance

Once you pick out your one goal, I need you to observe people who are in a similar niche or who have successfully attained it. Observe how they have been doing it. Learn the basic rules without breaking any and without trying to innovate anything.

If it’s singing, sing the way it’s taught at entry level. If it’s website design watch how other sites in your niche post and their design. Remember this is not the stage where you innovate anything or prove you know better. Learn as much about that one thing.

It’s crazy ‘cause I was talking to a young lady on Facebook as I was writing this . She is in events and attends most events. I asked her why she said, “Well it doesnt make sense to try and organise events when you dont know how others are done lol. So I try to be at as many as I can.”

What she is actually doing is deep observance, like when Tendekai Tati  (Madzitatiguru) sits home to watch series so he can hone his skill at screenplay.

Next year you might want to do more of this…. but on that one thing.

Get A Mentor

This involves deep observation but it’s more personal. Get a mentor who walks you through the things you do not have to figure out yourself. You will save yourself a lot of time. As you observe how to do that one thing from the gurus you will do it better and better.

Do not be arrogant or attempt to “outshine the master” because human beings are prone to jealousy. If you have a way at this stage of airing you good ideas don’t air them in a way that makes your mentors feel insecure because this will work against you. Just chill and learn as much as you can…


Finally by the end of 2016 after giving that one thing hours of practice and observing the rules that govern it, you can feel free to break a few rules and get away with it to create a unique product or service.

If by end of year you still have observations to do keep learning however, rinse and repeat. Just be a bad-ass at what you do.

… The once thing I was doing silently this year will be revealed next year. Please follow @Mcpotar on twitter and give me a shout out.

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