The one thing that makes action count

Many people do not struggle with taking action. They struggle with taking the next step.
See if you’ve been chatting with a girl you like for over four weeks. Meet up,.that is your next step. Without that next step, you will begin to descend back to friend zone.
If you are recording music and you have made mileage in that. The next step for you is music videos or.performances, whichever comes first. Maybe monetization.
Without taking the next step you only rise to a certain stage then remain stuck on it till you begin to fall off back to where you started.
Any effort you put into something increases productivity to a certain optimum value, after which adding effort will not change results.
In fact productivity may even begin to reduce.
So back to our texting a girl example. Take the next step into dates, into a relationship, into marriage, into raising the family and then into being a wise grandparent.
For the artist. Do you think Cassper Nyovest got to where he is by being content with a certain stage of his career? Would he have done “fill up the dome” if he said.
“Ah 1000 people for todays show, I made it.”
In 2015 Tendekai Tati motivated me when he wrote a post about how we should celebrate and move on. Not getting too stuck in one win to see that there is still a bigger win ahead.
I guess people who refuse to move on are those artistes who think they are still relevant ’cause they were hot in 2004 and never again.

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