The Number One Pot-Bellied Mistake Musicians Make

Having published a new single this week I had to ask my team not to incorporate it in their Whatsapp broadcasts. My music will not be spammed, that’s a guiding principle I walk by. Possessing someone’s number does not give me permission to invade them with spam. This is a paradigm a lot of Zim Hip-hop and dancehall artistes are yet to understand.

Once you realize that attention is a valuable thing you will appreciate the importance of this.

[tweetthis]Possessing someone’s number does not give me permission to invade them with spam.[/tweetthis]


Truthfully even if you forwarded your mp3 to my inbox, the option of downloading it would still remain in my hands. The more you disturb my peace by bringing innumerable messages to my inbox, the more I feel less guilty to ignore them. Attention is one thing that is hard to recoup once you lose it. If you ever have received my material by the use of broadcasts be assured it wasn’t from me. Possibly it was from someone who thought they were helping me.

[tweetthis]Attention is one thing that is hard to recoup once you lose it.[/tweetthis]

Most times all this does is degrade a brand.

Folks dislike being interrupted, they hate being marketed to but they want to buy. They prefer making their choice on products. So yes, release your song and share your link, do not tag us in our 60’s. If we have ignored it in the newsfeed it’s quite clear we are not interested and tagging us will only incline us to politely like the post, type “dope” in the comments and continue with what we were doing. It really doesn’t engage us and it comes off as desperate.

In this epoch where the audience has control it seems as if it’s the artistes starving to be heard, but the artistes that make edge are the ones people are dying to hear. The Kendrick Lamar’s, Jnr Brown’s and Jah Prayzah’s of this world. In Zimbabwe, Jnr Brown’s Morning Glory is one of the most anticipated Hip-hop albums of our generation. The day it comes out, it will not be Jnr Brown pleading with the fans to listen; it will be tons of kids Whatsapping me if I have the latest scoop. How To Pimp A Butterfly – I got the memo when y’all gave it praises on Facebook. I didn’t get it from Kendrick’s page. The content was beautifully crafted to be viral in it-self. Jah Prayzah’s Tsviriyo reached my mzukuru under a rock in Zvipani.

The Empire cast doesn’t beg you in your inbox to come and watch but they have engineered hype that will make you hunt for the next season. They put their show on Fox HD that’s it. You as the fan are the one who must go through the trouble of finding the bootlegger on pirate bay if you cannot access Fox HD. At no point does the producer stoop down to burning DVD’s so that POVO can access the material. Instead the mob gets it from Fox HD after a tussle and floods it in the street: fans marketing to fans.

Me-thinks The strategy works.

Fashion high-quality content and distribute to people who subscribed to receive it. The ones who have access to that platform start talking about it and the next thing you know you get interested.  We call it #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Your curiosity is enthused because regular people who are not part of its making are giving it hype. Terrence Howard doesn’t get in the street with a loud redundant speaker thingy like noisy airtime vendors.

“Ma disc eEmpire, dollar-dollar”

“Ma disc eEmpire, dollar-dollar”

“Ma disc eEmpire, dollar-dollar”

Okay… tazvinzwa.

A case of misguided aggressive marketing huh?

We should create powerful products and ask for permission to deliver them. If you are going to broadcast via Whatsapp, do so, it is a medium. Just make sure people you are broadcasting to agree on getting the particular thing you are broadcasting. Them (the audience) agreeing to getting Love Song A does not mean you have permission to broadcast Love Song B and 10 other songs. In fact if Love Song A is dope enough they will ask if B, C and D Exist (see what I did there?).

[tweetthis]We should create powerful products and ask for permission to deliver them. [/tweetthis]

You must return to Facebook or Twitter and request permission again thus empowering your audience to choose. If you disregard their power to choose, they will show you the hard way who indeed has that muscle.

If anyone is broadcasting any of my material without prior consent, forgive them please for they know not what they do. If you like please go to my Soundcloud and download my song titled Zvakusungisa; only if you want.

I also recommend that you read this article to learn how to create hype.

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