The Music Guru Newspapers Don’t Want You To Know

What do Maskiri, Nox, Ngoni, Good Child,  Taurai Mandebvu, Trey XL and the late Amelia have in common? A lot perhaps but other than the enormous talent, esteem and star-dom they’ve all shared the same manager.

Elton Bryce.

At different times yes, in his calling as a record label executive they have worked with him. Of course you may also be aware of the immense work this man has done with Cindy Munyavi who has represented Zimbabwe internationally.

Let’s find out more about Bryce in this interview.

Bryce, how did you decide you wanted to do this music thing commercially on a full scale?

I  went to Tanzania  on one my early  music trip  and met some artist  who were making  real music  money  .It inspired  me .I have never wanted  to  be employed  by  anyone but to making  money from  my strongest  passion music.

After your Tanzanian visit, how long did it take you to be a record label executive and who were your early signees?

I  had recorded  a  demo  of  Benny’s Demo feat Cherish  Bryce  so when  I got back  to Zim I signed  them both and started  to focus  on  my label  full time. It seemed like a joke to everyone I was sharing my vision with.

Elton Bryce is well connected across Africa. Will he reveal his secret to creating great friendships across the globe or someone would need a one on one with him for a fee?

I am  always  online  researching  about what is happening  in  the  markets I have  an interest in. I spend about 12hrs on the phone or more a day. I always travel and meet people face to face. I value relationships in business. Maintain my principal and business plan .keep my circle of friends small. No one ever has to pay me a fee for some schooling of the game. Always will to help any 1 with talent and passion. I  don’t  party ,Club  or none of that I am  about  growing  and maintaining  my network. There is nothing wrong with club or partying though.

This is a very sensitive one. How did the untimely demise of Amelia affect you?

It’s still affecting she was more than an Artist she was family. We had also partnered up on her record label I was helping her set up. She was an amazing person and it’s hard to accept her passing.

We are working on her second album .The plan is to keep her legacy alive like they do for Pac and Biggie.

Are you ever coming back to rap as an artiste?

(Laughs) Too old.  No I  think  my time is done I missed so much, the game has changed  a lot but I am  working  on a  DJ kind of album.

In Zimbabwe right now who are the 3 artistes you think people shoould put their eyes on?                        

Cindy Munyavi, [I’m] biased [laughs], Gze amazing  talent , Huby Blacks.


Now as if you’re handcuffed…. stop scrolling and put your hands together for Bryce!

If you did not yet know Elton Bryce prior to this read it may be because of his low profile. Managers tend not to be all over the television, newspapers and so forth. They facilitate that kind of stuff for the people who need it more; the artistes they manage.

It’s many times that we applaud only the artistes when endorsement deals are procured. Managers have to live with the burden of never being appreciated, in fact sometimes their artistes are coerced into leaving them, despite all efforts, teaching and investment they would have contributed.

Like parents, they at times have to see kids they raised up forget from whence they came.  Although sometimes… sometimes the children proudly say, “Thank you.”

So too appreciate this man I conducted an interview with him sometime, over a cup of coffee, he is not into alcohol and such.

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