The  “Mother” of  The Reasons No One Is Clicking Your Links

We’ve all been there!

Creating the most incredible content from our minds eye only to see it snubbed over something “less important” somewhere else on the web. We have gone on a spree inbox by inbox in our contact list, hoping our friends and family would support us.

At some point of course with no feedback it starts to feel like you are an annoyance (and you probably are right?). Some blunt friends may even have the bravery to tell you to stop sending the stuff. At least they are honest!

Imagine if you could boost your current traffic by over 300% by just knowing principle. How many more people would know your course and spread it to others? Would it boost your ability to make money or if you are not spreading your message for profit, would it boost your ability to fulfil the cause?

But what is that one universal principle that can get them to click?

Are you curious to know what it is?

Of course you are, because it is CURIOSITY.

The Magical Power Of Curiosity

We cannot under-estimate the motivational power of curiosity. It is what turned Lot’s wife into a pillar salt and it’s what made man get tempted to consume the fruit of knowledge Biblically. Despite all the trees they could have had they were curious about the one they could not have.

Thus curiosity has been studied widely in the field of psychology since the 1960’s  and has been leveraged on even to make the notifications you get on your Facebook.

It has been the centre of innovation, inventions but also the reason people cheat or get interested in gossip about the latest leaked sex tape. It’s centred on ones apetite to know more and the fear of not knowing.

The tobacco industry is not the only one that would fall if it weren’t for curiosity. Everyone I know who wants to quit smoking answered to curiosity at one time.


Yet art of retaining curiosity is an ongoing study for guru marketers. One marketer can provoke curiosity in a subject and it can end abruptly , whilst another can evoke it and have direct it’s focus.

The mother of reasons why nobody is following your links is because the headlines don’t make them curious.

Now there are many reasons people would not be curious about your blogposts, songs or videos.

Perhaps the headlines are bad. If so! If the headlines are bad, as soon as you fix them that may better your odds. What if it’s not just your headlines?

Or perhaps your content is now monotonous and predictable, or your angle with the subject you talk about has been done many times.

When I scroll on Youtube sometimes I see good headlines on motivational stuff, at the same time I can almost predict the steps they will give me, yet I will be looking for a new angle, a new concept.

You must understand that the curious mind is always looking for new and easier things to improve someone’s quality of results in a given area.

So in general factors people may look at are

Are people even curious about the subject? – A major reason a lot of content may fail is maybe because nobody cares. I mean if you write the best content about stuff only 3 people in Shurugwi care about it’s not likely to get clicks.

Source of the information – This means work has to be done to establish oneself as personal brand in that niche. If this article were in the New York Times even with a generic heading the truth is it would still get read and trusted for simply being in an authoritative platform.

Your Record of Authenticity – There is nothing to be curious about if we can already unpack what you are going to say based on previous articles. So it’s important to grow with the audience to break monotony. So you may have catchy headlines, but as soon as people have established over several times that your catchy headlines disappoint they will mute you.

Catchy Headlines – We already spoke about these.

I used to follow certain individuals to brief me on Zimbabwe’s politics on Youtube till I realized they are saying the same thing weekly in different ways. Put out content when it matters.

I will be giving links to good materials on headlines that have helped me accumulate more than 30,000 visits a month on a personal blog at the height of my blogging.

Good Marketing vs. Terrible Marketing

Good marketing is partly about your ability to make people curious enough about your message to give it attention whilst the other part being the ability to make them curious to know more.

So many content creators do good in making you curious. They don’t do very well at maintaining that curiosity. Sustained curiosity is usually what we refer to as interest.

Any marketing that cannot sustain interest beyond curiosity is terrible.

In Summary:

If you want to make content that people click:

  1. Become an authority voice over time in your niche. Develop trust
  2. Write stuff after researching what people are actually curious about.
    (a.k.a appeal to their interests)
  3. Give it a catchy headline. (I promised a link to 52 headlinehacks)
  4. Give them a new angle that makes them want to know more from you.
  5. Don’t ever become predictable.

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