The Most Anticipated Video Of The Year “Mare” Is Out On Vevo

The Mare video, directed by Mr. Elders (the same man who directed Tricky J’s Tambisa) and Tafadzwa matope of Tifaman Productions is out. This is probably the most anticipated 2015 video in Zimbabwean Hip-hop because of the spectacular visuals we were shown in the promo, with drones shooting a flamboyant pool party life from an eagles eye.

GTBeats, a rapper/producer who started off in spittin’ 2003 is the producer of this track. Now based in South Africa, he has been producing and honing his skills since 2007. The young guy with notable productions such as producing the popular Buffalo Souljah amongst other artistes such as Nox, Souljah Love and Davido is not limiting himself as the video is on Vevo, which we all know means “$$$” for the team.

“Mare is the reality of today’s life. Pretty much most of the activities we spend our day to day life engaging into have to do with working hard towards getting and a good life.”

Whilst the video may come off as rich kids doing show off stunts. The producer see’s it different, “The video has two main sides it shows. ” he said

“One of the life we are fighting towards achieving and one about hustling, which is represented by a storyline about a ‘street’ dealbeing executed and ends with me and Tricky j escapingthe sceneand a car chase being initiate,”…. Oh wait, i din’t warn there would be a spoiler. Sorry about that. But that’s just how creative the most anticipated video of the year is.

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