The Mighty mUnetsi drops – Daddy Vadzoka (@incredibleMu)

Hip-hop used to have a certain feel. The instrumentation and sampling was beautifully crafted to accommodate hard lyricism. Most hip-hop heads that grew up in that time miss that sound and the value that lyrics brought to community. Some have since given up on the life of hip-hop itself, but there is a streak of hope. The Warm Up by Munetsi coming and he is releasing a conscious joint known as Daddy Va Dzoka.

Marinated with beautiful samples, Munetsi serves you food for thought to chew on. One of the few emcees still doing thorough top of the dome freestyles for a full mixtape and still give us logic and knowledge. Definitely gifted to spit and not only spitting but fulfilling the purpose and delivering the message society needs to here. Daddy Va Dzoka means “Daddy is back” and we can say Munetsi fathered a certain era of logical freestyling in Zimbabwe. His fans mostly love him for his somewhat humerous wordplay and hyperboles. With no fear he even takes a shot at political fanaticism and gives social  struggle in between braggadocio lines.

Was humbled to hear my name getting a shout out from someone I came up looking up to. He also recognized Da Grape Vine which is blog I share many principles with. In Hip-hop they say real recognize real so yeah of course I felt crowned to hear that on a song that’s heat. Early in the year a lot of young guys where all over social media ranting about how Hip-hop was dying. I was on my wall warning about the return of the real and guess what… Daddy Vadzoka!!!

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