The Honest Reason You Are Failing To Sell Your Music

If your product has no demand to your target market, no hype can save you. No amount of ranting will raise your brand equity. Go out there and quietly learn the laws of demand and supply and brainstorm ideas to create that for yourself.

No one out there will create that for you unless you pay for consultancy. If you have no cash to do so, there are demand and supply models that have been made by others before you. (Read about demand and supply via this link)

See the good thing about our age is that all the information is on the web. Stop using bundles on Olinda and use it to educate yourself (unless of course you are studying her videos to see why many people like it).

You cannot sell to anyone something whose value they don’t see. Marketing is not hype, it’s the art of showing people why a product or service is valuable to them.

Money is valuable to people because it allows them to exchange it for things they need to use. So the amount of money someone is prepared to pay for something is affected by how much they have to spare and also how much they perceive it to be in money.

I am still talking to the artistes.

If you want your art, your music to sell. Allow it to add value into someones life. Migos making people dab is value, Immortal Technique teaching me about La Re Conquista is value, DJ Clock making me dance is value.

Now after people value your art make sure you sell it in some format.

See even if someone values a Benz, if it’s given to them for free it’s not like they will refuse to drive it and insist on paying.

With music perhaps, selling is not of the actual MP3 file, perhaps it is.

Or perhaps you sell a show. A show sells an experience that no one can get from a DVD. It’s either you are in the show or you are not. You can bootleg Eminem’s tour but you will never feel like that fan who was in there screaming.

That’s why that fan buys the ticket. That said, I urge you to improve the value of your stage presence because in this age that’s where the money is.

If you go on Youtube to look of most of Jay Z music nowadays you wont find it. Even the pirate sites. You might get a blank audio or a remake.

His music is on Tidal, if you not paying for Tidal and want a certain Jay Z track you lost, you wont hear it anywhere. You might get a live show, but after some months Youtube would have taken it down.

He is claiming back the value of music.

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