The Dumbest Argument About Social Media In Zim Hip-hop

Today I want to focus on arguably the most flawed argument presented and agreed on by several people online about social media. I will use Zim Hip-hop as a focus example but this really applies to all.

I am talking here about the general misconception that, “If you are present in the tweets, you are not in the streets.”
The arguement most people present is that if someone is famous on Social Media, they are not famous in the “real world”. This is a stupid view on social media, because the people who use social media read tweets whilst holding their phones, tablets or laptops in the so called “real world”.

In other words if Sir Wicknell rants about Pasuwa on Facebook and someone is reading that post on a bus, he will laugh out in the real world and spread the message to people next to him in the bus (who are in the so called street). In other words I am saying what we report on social media is not divorced from real life, that’s why Zimbuzz can be at Macheso’s show (physical location) but later report about Ninja Lipsy’s thirst online.

So there are two things here.

1. Some events happen on the “streets” and end up reported on tweets.

  1. Some events happen on the “tweets” but end up being discussed on the streets.

    So there is nothing like, “They are known on the tweets, we are known on the streets”.

That is the biggest and faultiest argument. Though Macheso is not very present online, I heard about his sales online. His album was discussed online. On the other hand Sir Wicknell and Baba Tencen are discussed as much on the street for content they post online.

If you are not known in the tweets, it is highly likely that you’re also unknown in the street. Let’s not lie to each other Zim Hip-hop and claim that our “underground”status does not allow us to be known on the web.

The funny thing is we perpetuate this dumb ideology by posting it on the web itself.

” I don’t care about social media reach, my music is in the streets. The streets know my music.”

I laughed out loud when Mc Cut dissed “twitter rappers” but went out to market his song on twitter. People also forget that Whatsapp is also social media and it uses the internet. So even if you claim that you only distribute your song via Whatsapp and in groups you’re still using Social Media and you are marketing online.

Marketing offline is when you uses SMS, flyers, posters, billboards, radio and events to market yourself (but in the end most events are actually marketed online #sigh).

Okay wait a minute, if the streets know your music how come when they get online they never tweet that they do?
Anyway I think I have made my point heard about this fallacious thinking. Feel free to debate it out on twitter on @Mcpotar, follow a guy.

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