The Boyz Remukute Remix (Zimhiphop 2014)

It is Monday 11, August 2014 and  Zim Hip-hop circles were promised the 7 emcee remix of Boyz Remukute. The original Boyz Remukute became an anthem and is a Krimz Beatz song which featured Sinbad90 of Dollar Sign Music. So first of all I’d like to make sure we know this a Krimz Beatz project because too many times we tend to think a song belongs to the rap artiste. Now that that’s out of the way, let me say Sinbad really went in and it was only right that all 7 emcees (Sinbad, Baller, Noble Stylez, Sharky, Millz, Corvil and Mcpotar) go in on that joint.

Yes I did actually feature on this offering, so you don’t expect me to shoot myself in the foot do you?

Good so I won’t talk much about how dope the track is though I do know it will go viral. I mean, having heavy spitters that have been co-signed several times by greats should tell you something. Minus the Mcpotar verse. Let’s suppose this was a song by the other 6 emcees, would I say they went in? Definitely yes, if I were standing outside that track I’d say everyone delivered bars and of course there is always going to be that guy who spits more vernom than others. For some it’s Sharky , but some would say is Noble. Sinbad90’s retained verse is still heat, Baller is coming up and I believe Millz and Corvill too told their own story. I can’t choose who brought heat to you because I’m tryna pick between the most of these rappers.

This is talented guys with different rhyme schemes, deliveries and subject matters. Millz stuck very close to subject matter, Shary and Noble brought wordplay and pun. Baller , Sinbad and Corvil brought bars and I got in that song to talk about my hussle too. Krimz offered us a platform to tell our Zimbabwean story of how we wake up and hustle daily for money. Even though am on the song, I was kind of used to the old beat and old hook.

All the same my ideas are adopting and loving the idea that Krimz didn’t go and recycle the same ass beat. He renovated everything. He restructured the hooks and the song still came out clean.

You can download it today via this link 


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