The Art Of Ranting And Getting Support – Open Letter To R.Peels

As I begin this post I would like to emphasize that it is written out of love despite the clickbait value of the headline. The post is not misleading however it is actually based on something R.Peels said about Changamire Awards.

I discern of course R_Peels is likely to in turn highlight a flaw I have for highlighting his, which is fair-game.  I am no saint either and have much truths to be insulted around. I at first did not want to comment on this issue but many people have asked for my take on the situation and I decided to give my take.

I earlier had asked Cashbid to ignore it but since I’m a hypocrite let’s get with it. #sigh

R.Peels took to twitter and Facebook and dissed Changamire Awards which have been running from around 2016. He discredited the awards and dropped a couple of F bombs, then further insulted people in the comments. At some point it of course begins to look stupid.

Was He Wrong?

I cannot give a conclusive judgement on whether his opinions on Changamire are right or wrong. I believe that depends on his argument or beef with them. His standpoint against them may actually be valid. I think for me it’s how he made a rant that I think needs to improve lest he appears a hater or fool.

The Art Of A Rant

Get Support

When you rant about any subject on Facebook you should be very constructive with words to lure at least 80% of people who will comment so that the 20% that contradict you will be outnumbered by the mass and concede. Unless your 20% can outsmart them.

In order to win that support , bring context. Narrate the story in a manner that causes people to see where you are coming from. People should not have to ask why you are insulting the brand you are insulting deep in the comments. If your post’s justification is not self explanatory you risk looking like a fool or Clout chaser especially to those who won’t bother to ask or who scroll past.

Don’t Increase Resistance

R.Peels once again had many words to say to those who commented, including T1 Wema1. This already automatically makes T1 Wema1 team Zimboy. It may no longer matter if the accusations to Zimboy are valid.

On the other hand, discrediting the validity of Changamire means Blacperl and Noble Stylz cannot visibly defend him (I’m assuming he was mentored by Noble). They have awards from that brand.

Be Vague But Clever

Now it would have been a different story if Peels cleverly said something like, “Some local promoters purport to support Zim Hip-hop but they do not pay yung artistes for performance….” ( or anything that describes the target).

This would cause the audience itself to come and name and shame the award shows that do so and possibly his target. He would comment by neither confirming nor denying whom he meant yet it would be more impactful in spreading out his core message.

Don’t Always Fight People

Sometimes it seems like you are fighting one person at a time, but if you fight one person at a time per week how many enemies do you have in a year?

Over time even some people you did not fight cannot affiliate you because you are toxic plus you may have fought their allies.

I have fought with many people in Zim Hip-hop and though I have made peace with most of them, our relations were never quite the same. I could have made better relations with Schingy, Veenge, Ill Manner (Rudebwoy Bliss) and Mc Cut amongst others, but we now greet at a , “respect each other’s boundary level”  with some of the dudes.

Still Air Your Opinions

If you think that certain things a certain movement or brand are doing is terrible sometimes you can keep it to yourself, but if you want to share it… share it. However after you share know that you cannot control how people respond. You can however influence them to your view by how you frame it.

People don’t know

If I dupe you of $200 and you go on Facebook and say FUCK MCPOTAR, people might eat you alive in the comments. You did not give them the back-story.

if however you type a heartfelt narration of your experience with me and how I refuse to return it. They will shut down my whatsapp demanding that I do right by you.

However a smaller percentage will still take my side and insult you but it’s better to get resistance from less people. You can’t win them all but don’t lose the majority.

If people don’t know they can’t care.


Everyone has reservations or opinions on how people should run their stuff (even their own marriages or kids). If you don’t vibe with how a certain brand does things you are free to disengage from its process. You are free to verbalize your disengagement too but when you tell the world expect  4 types of responses.

One that makes you happy and who you dissed mad

One that makes you mad and whom you dissed happy

One that makes both of you angry.

One that makes both of you happy.

The ball is in your court. My ears are open if both Zimboy and R.Peels want to write something well formatted to give their take I will be ready to publish it. I respect Zimboy and R_Peels even if I end up taking a side after hearing both narratives.

Another thing. I miss living home!

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  1. DJ Zedax Reply

    Why is R Peels always fighting with people? At first I thought he just wants to promote his EP so what’s his reason now?

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