The Art Of Begotten Sun’s Twitter Name – “B-Sun Tsu”

The observation I am going to make may be obvious to some, but I will not under-estimate many peoples inability to observe and connect dots. Begotten Sun lately has been calling himself B-Sun Tzu on Twitter. This is not the first time we have seen this in history in fact he does switch his twitter name like all of us from time to time and creatively so.

By the way there was no prior consultation of Begotten Sun, so these are my opinions. He will likely retweet and caption wrong assumptions if he gets to read this.

Begotten Sun has at one time called himself “ O’Sunna”, a name which hasn’t appeared in a while and sometimes he is just Sunna. Now it’s quite obvious (or NOT) that O’Sunna was from Osama Bin Laden whilst B-Sun Tzu is from Sun Tzu , the name of the author The Art Of War.

The Art Of War is a great book by a Chinese author which is believed to have been written over 2,500 years ago  but still studied by military experts , business moguls, drug lords and intelligence agencies today. Over the years people have adopted it’s principles to any arena where there is competition even if it is not actual violent/physical war. Metaphorically we are always at war with a lot.

For instance I’d say Apple is at war with Microsoft without bombs.

So my theory is that Begotten Sun tends to use the term B-Sun Tzu in competitive times in the Hip-hop industry, especially when he is about pull a move on rivalry. It’s like a red-light.

One of the times he held this name was during the Few Kings MMT beef when he dropped Lights Out on the release day of MMT’s first and last album “The MMT LP”. Note that Begotten Sun has never publicly admitted to “Lights Out” as being directed at MMT.

See I have read a bit of The Art OF War (fell asleep on a page) but basically I was able to tell it’s similarity to Robert Greene’s famous 48 Laws Of Power and also 33 Strategies Of War. One of the principles these types of books teach is to make the enemy think you’re near when you’re far… or far when you’re near. The art of misdirection, diversion and being very unpredictable.

Also the art of bringing the competition to your turf so you can set the temperature. I always say, if I were to challenge Mayweather, it wouldn’t be a boxing match. I’d call him for a spelling b.

It’s quite obvious MMT had expected a rebuttal in February when they dropped Wake Up which threw shade at Begotten Sun’s age and suggested that he had been forgotten. All year Begotten Sun retweeted their music, shared and kept his name as is.

Then during the week of their release, he became B-Sun Tzu all of a sudden, they of course didn’t notice. When they dropped their album he dropped his response and his response trended on twitter more than their album drop. He had to move the download to hulkshare as he quickly surpassed the soundcloud free download limit.

Do you see, what I mean?

Now you may think it’s a coincidence but I’ll tell you that nothing by a man like Begotten Sun can ever be just a coincidence. It’s all about putting dots together, scrolling through posts and connecting them to previous ones sometimes. For instance words like NATO and Tsunami have been metaphorically tossed around a lot. It’s very entertaining for a person like me because I’ve seen the make #hashtag trends, them getting on checkmate and getting out.

Especially after the “We Run It” drama where “Tongogara” came and neutralized focus on rebuttal tracks. Of course the whole crowd wasn’t diverted but a large number of people responded to “Tongogara” and are likely to respond to this week’s Amen, depending on its content.

The name B-Sun Tzu says, “I have my competitive strategies in check, bring it on!!!”.

On the other hand this may be just him employing business strategy which has nothing at all to do with other sections of the hip-hop industry. Like I mentioned the art of war in the 21st Century applies a lot to business and note that competition and hateful rivalry are not synonymous.

Zezuru Rockstar, Atenno , Jnr Brown have been doing quite a lot in the past week. Shooting videos, selling merchandise, selling music… we can only imagine what’s next. We love competition in Hip-hop as long as it doesn’t include grudges.

One day I might write a book about these people and other players in the game who are doing great. If you have any debates, I’ve got energy to defend my view via my twitter. The handle is @Mcpotar!!! You can also kick it with @Begottensun
Missed doing opinion articles.

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