The Annoyingly Ego Driven R Peels

Annoyingly egotistical, ambitious and ready to take on the world. The young R Peels is set for longevity on the local music scene.

Coming up, the Economics student has always worked with whatever he has at hand. He is not a cry-baby he is a doer.

Was glad to see his debut album on the Zim Hip Hop Awards nominations list. That is quite encouraging.
See R.Peels back in the day would send me home recorded footage of his songs. Reminded me of my younger self, a nostalgic effect. I came up doing indie videos as well.

Over the years he managed to do an E.P, Forgive My Honesty, features with greats like Noble Stylz and Synik and videos. He even established a clothing line called Mwana wa Pharoah which critics said was not one.
Well maybe it was a clothing line which was not a clothing line – bottom line is he has eyes on the money. People will always criticize.

Doers know their purpose.

He was blasted for low budget videos but I liked the initiative. I will take anyone to court for questioning his dedication.
Annoyingly egotistical on Facebook? Yes, the kid is terrible in that respect.
But you know what, he works hard, that’s why the LP Zviri Ever Beautiful is one of the illest to come out this year. He learnt the secret and applirs it.
On the conscious side, we all know R.Peels gas addressed socio-political issues on various efforts.
Here is a link to his newest contribution

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