The 3 types Of Animals To Ingnore On Whatsapp

The 3 types Of Animals To Ingnore On Whatsapp

[NB: This article may contain some slang]

Three Animals Potar

Time is money and unless you have a huge bank of it somewhere you must “spend” it carefully. Whatsapp is one of the most time consuming apps if you’re not careful. Social interaction is dope but I also believe one should benefit from it. There are 3 types of peeps I ignore on Whatsapp.

The Snake

Whoever made the sceenshot app certainly created it so that we could cite certain things to each other in good light I guess . However the screenshot has become a snitching tool. I get oans inboxing me now and then in a setup that will get me to say crap about a fellow artiste or producer. The next thing you know whatever I do say if it’s bad is sent to another individual… and of course the gossiper will never screenshot what they really tuned for you to respond in that way.

As a piece of advice if anyone ever storms into your inbox to bad mouth someone even that you hate. Embarrass them by giving them the response in support of the individual.

The Stray Dog

I call these the stray dogs because they beat about the bush with no particular direction. They are like Rex in a ghetto alley.  Instead of explaining this one I will just demonstrate.

Stray Dog : Hello

Me : Hi, how do you do?

Stray Dog : Low low, how are you doing?

Me: I’m okay man wassup?

(No response then 2 days later)

Stray Dog: Potar

Me: Wassup fam?

Stray Dog : How are you


And so forth… I don’t see people like that going anywhere with the sosh and I don’t block them but I open their messages when I am really free. You may also want to avoid these people and not be one of them.

The Roosters

I call these ones The Roosters because they wake everyone up in the morning to ask them to download their latest freestyles. They are like the fake Rooster on old cellphones that gives that annoying morning shout that makes you want to wake up and chuck it out  your bedroom window. They are big broadcasters to people that didn’t opt into their updates and they never give up.

The best way to stop them is to remove their numbers from your phone. Whatsapp can only send broadcast messages to people that have your number….


I was going to add The Camel’s (aka Thirsty people) but I figured depending who you are as a person, these may be good lol. However if these Camels ever end up texting The Snakes the screenshots end up on Facebook (like the Nox Nguni issue, whether fake or real). Then The Rooster also find material to broadcast next morning so that finally the Stray dogs can find guans to talk about for a day.

It could be something like this…

Stray Dog:  Hi

Me: Wassup fam?

Stray Dog: Did you see those pics about The Camel getting exposed?

Me: not yet bro but am seeing everyone talking about it on facebook….

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