The 2nd Da Grape Vine Battle So Heated It Sent An Emcee Back Home

The 2nd Da Grape Vine rap battles of 2014, held at the Bulawayo on March 8 art gallery had an attendance of around 80 people. The new comer battles had enough heat to send back a certain emcee back to his seat. Serious lyrical warfare was in progress and it goes to show the seriousness of these battles and how they are elevating the skills of emcees.

Da Grape Vine has taken time to pay gratitude to the participants of the March 8 event. Adrenalin who battled Lil Rapper, D Le Roux who battled Gunz D (who was on his 2nd Battle) and Chucky who battled newcomer Diasonic.

Siriboy and Ay Kay’s battle was definitely a joy to watch. We were surprised by the growth that Ay Kay showed as this was only his second battle since joining the DGV Rap Battles in February. The battle was very entertaining showing just how each battle emcee has stepped up their game. Another such battle was the Teecy VS Jilly Tha Black. First of all we were disappointed by the fact that Psykotek who was supposed to show up and battle Jilly Tha Black absconded after informing us 4days before the battle that there was a possibility that he couldn’t make it. MC Mike on the other hand never said a word therefore giving the battle to Teecy. This left us with no choice but to pair Teecy with Jilly Tha Black just to do a special. Unfortunately Jilly Tha Black didn’t take the battle too serious as he felt Teecy wasn’t of his league. Teecy still did his thing amidst all of that.

The highlight of the day will have to be the Spliffah Ray VS Kingson Mac battle which delivered as expected hard bars and entertaining punches. Definitely Kingson Mac is a battle emcee of note and our champion Spliffah Ray carries on to show people why he is the best in the league so far. Well, the DGV Rap Battle League starts on the 12th of April all the way up to September with a battle every month that will feature our top 6 Battle emcees so far. Details of the DGV Rap Battles League will be unveiled soon but for more on this and many others related issues just go to or get in touch with Naboth RIZLA the host and co-founder for sponsorship, advertising and so on +263773721693

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