That moment when you hear – Hiwe !!! (@TeyseanUk)

You wake up in the middle of the night. Lonely dogs howling, walls crackling, crickets mating, everyone is snoring, the clock is ticking and you tip-toe  to the Kitchen to fix yourself  a snack. Then when you enter you see the bowl of scones your sister made for her church camp. You’re tempted to grab one, she may not notice. As you reach into the bowl to take one…


That’s the standard expression of warning in Shona slang. The word is emphasis of “iwe” which means “you”. However, “Hiwe!!!” is urgent. It means you’re about to get checked. You are in trouble.

Hiwe is that voice you hear when you get caught spraying your golden fountain on Patrick Chinamasa’s  durawall. It is like the slap you get for taking a selfie near the Parliament (or the one I will get if I keep making fun of this).

Now Tey Sean lined-up up with the Run 263 boys, So Arcane and Wishes to create this implausible song called “Hiwe!!!” to caution their rivals not to disregard them. The beat uses a sample similar to Diamonds from Sierra Leone. The notion just took my attention, I wasn’t really going to review anything but I must say this track disposed itself for one by being relatable. Amvis Instruments made this amazing production.


Tey Sean if you do not yet know the guy, is one of the Dee-jays who was killing it at Changamire Festival. So Arcane is this long individual who is mostly known for his progress in Spoken Word. I am only beginning to know about Wishez forgive me but he sounds dope. I think I did meet him at Changamire, he was lined up for a performance and I was ranting about time management. I told him “Hiwe!!!” lol

I also was surprised to realize that So Arcane actually drops bars, it’s like that time people heard I write short stories too I guess (yes you can read on e here). I usually expect him to have a say in poetry but his bars are doing pretty well. The same goes for DJ Tey Sean and Wishes. The punch lines in the last verse definitely have that Hiwe effect to them.

Hook Catchy

Message relevant…

We not going soft in this Hip-hop y’all, forget what you heard!!! The next person who disrespects this blog….


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