Team Bho – Zvikuzikanwa Review (@SchingyZw)

Controversial free-spirit rapper Schingy teamed up with Team Bho to create a single titled Zvikuzikanwa. Yet another parcel bomb to give to his haters and if y’all count me in as one of them, this probably includes me. I mean I do post a lot of trash about the dude. I can confirm Team Bho was un-impressed with this article.

Everything has it’s seasons and I want to be nothing but fair to my peoples. So I treat this review as if these guys didn’t unfriend and block me… ehe Zvakuzikanwa lol. I stand for nothing but reality.

The song features CJ, DJ Towers and was produced by Xndr and a Mr. Nobody. Though it was released before after the small fall-out, I think it as produced before the fall-out. Proper song – Radio ready I guess.

Schingy does come up with crazy Similes like

“Takumberi sema bikes epa motorcade”

Schingy Team Bho

I however think his nose brigade Shona accent makes us not take them seriously.

As usual the song is catchy and Schingy’s bars take shots at anyone who is trying to go against his hustle. They took this opportunity to diss the teams that dress in African beads. They do this is a hilarious and provocative manner as usual. Powerful production but predictable execution.

It’s sort of like playing Kuno and Hamuko again. Team Bho has made good songs yes. But they are giving us the same flow and same concept. The autotune like effect on CJ’s vocals sells out that this is coming from the same camp before you even read all the credits. Not that it is bad…. butafter listening to a full folder of this music, it gets monotonous.

Schingy has mastered his current delivery without riding off-beat to the rhythm but he could do with switching the flow in one of the verses to create variation. We need to see growth in that area.

Lol i know I told him to quit in this article, but yo’ fam keep creating music. Power to you.


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