Team Bho Hatitambwe Idzodzo Video A Competitive Concept (@SchingyZW)

Creative Pot, the media house run by Hamuko director Rasquesity Keaitse (click to see his channel), has dropped a brand new gray-scale video of Hatitambwe idzodzo by Team Bho which featuires the very witty and provocative puns of non other than T-Gonz (of the “Zvenyu” fame). Of course you can spot fly shawties as the video begins and thugs, swords in the background…. ready to Kill.

The song of course ridicules rivals to Team Bho, real and imagined and it’s audio aspect is packed with lines that attack those that thought Team Bho would decline. Blasting internet ballers, people who failed to scoop awards and those who claim to spend more cheddar than them. Shot in Chitungwiza, the visuals have the people in the background using golf clubs to tee off expensive watches and bottles of Ciroc. Well of course they did non of that but it looks like it.

Talking to the Director of the video, Rasquesity said, ” There is basically no storyline.However, tried to bring out the gangster part of the team in response to the controversial Xndr and Stunner hick ups…”

So at least we know who the shots are directed at. Of course they will always be a Mcpotar subliminal somewhere in there, which is OK coz this is all spot. Enjoy the video.

Hopefully now view buying this year, we too grown for that…. lol couldn’t leave the page without firing one round. I’m still the biggest Team Bho fan.

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