Take Fizzo (@TakeFizzo) – Makes Christian Hip-hop Song – Redeemer (Download It Here)

A few months ago, Take Fizzo (used to be Take 5) told his story about how he had broken out out of drug addiction among other things and joined Christianity. The producer has been known to touch projects and turn them into gold since the Chamembe era. Take Fizzo is a household name where Hip-hop, Urban Groove or basically music is concerned. I wrote of his plans to venture into Zim Dancehall earlier this year. (Article here) .

I had an interview with him. My questions are in bold.

You can download the song Redeemer here by Take Fizzo. Chorus was by the worship leader at his fellowship EvidenceMudzenda.

take-fizzoTake Fizzo has been a household in urban music culture for almost a decade. Recently you were on Zimbojam and you talked a lot about a new journey. Would you briefly tell us how this new path has affected your music

In the past couple of months I have acquired a new set of musical skills. God has blessed me with new knowledge concerning music, stuff I didn’t know for over a decade, stuff they don’t teach in school. My music from now will build rather than destroy.

So are we expecting any new records or even compilations as you did in the sercular years?

Definitely!! And much more! This time I have The Lord Almighty on my side.

What genre of music will you be producing as a Christian producer. We have had many religious conservatives point out why they think Hiphop can never be used to glorify God. This includes well known Pastors like Craig Lewis (The Truth About Hiphop). Do you think these paradigms will affect the acceptance of what you are trying to give to the mission.

Wow, that’s a great question. Ok, look at it this way, rappers usually have more to say than any other genre (16 bars a verse) . So to me I see it as an opportunity to preach the word through music. Jesus wants us to preach the Word. If rock music is associated with demonic worship, then does it make Hillsongs bad? NO! It’s all about the message. Nicki manaj will use her music to promote foul living, but who created the Genre? God, but the devil abuses the things God has Made for His Glory. Cause think about it, I have 16 bars to tell a story about how I was lost and how God redeemed me. Other genres focus on praise, but I think that Christian hip hop preaches.

Great answer for a great question indeed. Many would also like to know if you as a producer will still produce sercular music. If yes, what would be the condition.

The bible says, he who is not for me is surely against me. So, if the message on the song does not Glorify God, it’s a tricky one. Cause look at it this way, God gives me this talent, (something I never went to school for) only for me to make music which promotes evil? Hazviite.(It’s impossible)

Well said. So word has it you are giving us a brand new project.

Yeah, a couple of singles. The beauty of being led by God is that He takes off all the pressure of making a “banger” He put a song in my spirit, and led me throughout the writing ,recording and production process. So I’m going to release 2 singles to do the rounds while I finish off my album.

What is the name of the first single to be released. What subject in Christianity and human life does it address or perhaps is it a praise song.

It’s called “redeemer” based on Luke 15, if you don’t know the story, READ the Bible lol. It is a praise song, it’s a celebration song. It’s a “seeing the light” song.I was lost now I’m found and it can happen YOU

Luke 15 as I have read is about a lost sheep. I take it you are already harvesting for God.
Yup, I hold a bible study and fellowship in Mandara every Tuesday and Thursday.

I must say myself and others have looked up to you as a freat artiste and we hope you do not fall in this journey. I know you have the influence to make unbelievers change. The Bible Study is a good beginning. The most talented men in the arts have been usually agnostic and areligious. Do you think your new light has potential to influence them to be curious about God.

Oh yes, remember the story in Mark 5 about the man possessed with 1000 demons? After they saw the guy was healed, they were amazed. And that’s how it will happen when they see what The Lord has done for me. God is going to bless me so that my life and music is going to preach to my fellow “unbelieving” musicians.
That’s powerful. We look forward to all your projects and we pray that you remain strong in your new path.

Anything you would like to say to the people to conclude.

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking time to help spread the gospel of God, and may He richly bless you. As for the people, all I can say is, Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. And do not fear! If you do these things, God will change your life for the better forever. He will mend broken relationships, He will open doors which you thought will never be opened. His name is Jehovah El Shaddai, The Lord if might, with man it may be impossible but with God it’s possible, all you have to do is believe. You know people say that your dream should scare you, I’m here to declare that where your big ridiculous dream ends, that’s where God starts.

You can download the song Redeemer here by Take Fizzo. Chorus was by the worship leader at his fellowship EvidenceMudzenda.

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Take Fizzo Redeemer


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