Take Fizzo (@TakeFizzo) ,Dancehall And Other Zim Hip-hop Issues In 2014

This week I read a story in the Sunday Mail about producer Take Fizzo blasting at Dancehall producers for their bedroom quality records and saying he was to take it upon himself to produce Dancehall with better quality. Take Fizzo as we have always known touches anything and it turns to gold.

Chamembe was a success in the urban grooves era and so is Few Kings in the era where Hip-hop want’s to be identified as Hip-hop. However certain hip-hop loyalists would like to believe he will be selling out by moving to dancehall. I guess they want to tie him to a tree and confine him to hip-hop which isn’t bearing as much fruit as dancehall. I mean dancehall pays now and if they can score endorsements with bedroom quality I can imagine where else they are ready to go under Take Fizzo.

I think Take Fizzo should take the money and ignore any nay say. If Hip-hop feels like it’s unfair to them then we should collectively put more effort in supporting our culture. If not, let’s not blame a brother who is focusing efforts on things with more return of investment. After-all I am sure he will still produce hip-hop.

It’s not only Zimhip-hop Suffering In Zimbabwean Music 

Reading the paper again, I read an interesting article about many music legends from Mai Charamba, Tuku, Jah Prayzah and Macheso that have been making flops leaving promoters with few profits. The article gave examples of various shows held in Harare that had low turn out and it suggested that a number of big artistes are flopping this year.

Hip-hop has been crying about a slow year on social media too recently. Young Nash on one post said everything is dead in hip-hop and he would switch genres. Artistes have been namedropping myself and others and claiming that bloggers have been sleeping on music. Well I suppose music is more comfortable to sleep on than my mattress but hey that article proves we not the only ones going through a crisis.

Last year was great, we had drama. I blasted at ZHHA, I covered controversy surrounding MMT. I talked about Samora Borders and so did other bloggers. It was an eventful year and this year is different. Every year has it’s mood and time will tellif it will end on this monotone. But word on the street is Munetsi, Noble, DKR, Navy Seal, Rappaholiks and Mcpotar may be dropping heat soon. Let’s see how that goes. Meanwhile don’t worry much.

Music Sharing On Whatsapp

I have never favoured sharing of music on whatsapp because my storage gets to 500MB in weeks and I have to offload my whatsapp folder. Everybody feels like they should justdrop of their music on a random broadcast or add you to their group when you don’t even have their number.

You try the download and it keeps declining because somehow Econet bundles have their days or maybe it’s because I live in a small town. All I know is I have to attempt a download countless time after the sender keeps asking for feedback. I had to block a certain lady last week who kept giving me large sums of broadcasts with no Hi’s in between. “What kind of revolutionary action would that be?”

Whatsapp Bundles have been a gateway to spam. I don’t like them a bit.



If you’re going to use whatsapp to distribute music at least create groups like Faceless and Tehn Diamond where people opt in to your work. If you’re going to send an mp3, ask before you send do not just foward it. It may take long but it guarantees that you do not piss of people. After-all people ignore spam.

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