T1 Wema1 Shows Marked Improvement in New Song “Ndine Boyz”

T1 Wema1 is probably the fastest growing artiste in terms of artistry in Zimbabwe. After listening to his verse in Ndine Boyz I could tell there was a marked improvement from the award nominated Inzwa (read about it here) album which did pretty well.

However many critics at the time were of the opinion that his lyricism and delivery was old school and needed some working on which he evidently shows in most new offering.

T1 is now able to switch up his flow, content and delivery and such. I was pretty impressed by the “Ndine Boyz” song in which he featured two other maestros of the game Gze and GoldFinga. It was a Southerton versus Dzivarasekwa affair.

In the song “Ndine Boyz” he of course talks about how he’s been rolling “wit dem’ boys” in the hood. He uses a lot of witty punchlines, delivery and other devices.

It’s almost like T!1 has reinvented his appeal to target the hip-hop market in Zimbabwe which largely comprises of young people who are attracted to new types of delivery that surface from the USA mainstream.

I mean this is the era of Kendrick Lamar, The Migos and J.Cole where  the traditional Beanie Siegel type straight forward raps if done too much do not make the cut as far as making reach to the audiences.

Gze and GoldFinga equally come with some heat, they manage to compliment these flows without letting our new pro down.

Download: bit.ly/GetNdineBoyz
WhatsApp: +263772740859



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